Necati Şahin: The traffic problem of the city is solved by encouraging public transportation

Necati Şahin: Bursa's traffic problem is solved by encouraging public transportation. CHP Bursa Metropolitan Mayor candidate Necati Şahin said that it is not possible to solve the traffic problem of Bursa without promoting public transportation.
Şahin, who attended the General Assembly of Bursa Service Vehicle Operators and Private Public Bus Drivers at Merinos AKKM, said that it is ironic that although the biggest share of the metropolitan budget is allocated to transportation, there is still a heavy traffic problem. Stating that the systemlessness lies at the root of the problem, Şahin said, “Every establishment serving in the transportation sector is a solution partner for the traffic problem. Although the metropolitan seat allocates 70 percent of its investment budget to the transportation sector, if the traffic problem cannot be solved and complaints are increasing, there must be a reason for it. The use of private vehicles in urban transportation in Bursa has a high share of 42 percent. In 70 percent of private vehicles, they travel with one person. In this case, local administrators should put their hats in front of them and think about where we are doing wrong, ”he said.
Necati Sahin, who noted that the first issue they will take on duty, is urban transportation and public transportation, and they will do whatever it takes to promote public transportation. Firstly, they will reduce the price of public transport in half, Bursaray'ın 10 minutes to 2.5 minutes to increase the capacity to reduce the Sahin, noted the following:
“The share of Bursaray, where billion Euros was spent, in public transportation is 8 percent. This is a very dire situation. This ratio needs to go up. We will increase Bursaray's share in public transportation. We will end the fish hoard journey by reducing the voyage intervals. Our Hemsehris will make a comfortable and safe journey. By adding new underground lines to Bursaray, we will take the transportation where people are. Our citizen will walk to his house after getting off from Bursaray station. "
Stating that they will plan urban transportation by taking into consideration the Bursa Transportation Master Plan (BUAP), Şahin stated that their solution partners will also take part in this process. Şahin said, “We will not run away from anyone. We will sit around the same table and produce solutions. Our main goal is to promote public transportation. If you remove the service vehicles of a business, each employee tries to get to work with their special vehicle. This means an increase in the number of vehicles in traffic. Our main goal is to encourage public transportation, and we will achieve this, ”he said.


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