TCDD is waiting for metropolitan tram lines and square arrangement

📩 30/11/2018 10:52

In the collapsed Station Bridge area, the Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out its work in the planned calendar, is waiting for TCDD for tram lines and square arrangement.
Paving work
TCDD studies continued, after the collapse of the bridge in the area that emerged after the completion of the work of the Metropolitan teams began paving works.
Authorities not possible
Ası The Metropolitan Municipality cannot complete the works on the square and it is not possible to lay the tram lines without completing their work on the underground transition of TCDD, “he said.
As the TCDD works continued, after the collapse of the bridge, the Metropolitan teams started paving works following the completion of the leveling works. While the Science Works teams continue to carry out the formation and paving works, they expect TCDD to deliver the area to the Metropolitan Municipality by completing the tunnel works. After the TCDD has delivered the square, the Metropolitan Municipality will finalize the tram line required for the fast-breaking SSK tram lines to be put into operation.

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