Marmaray is not safe enough for the earthquake

Marmaray is not safe enough for the earthquake: Ataşehir Municipality Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) organized a panel on (How Prepared We Are to Earthquake Ataş.
Ataşehir Municipality continues its preparations for disasters without breaks. Ataşehir Municipality Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM), within the framework of the Earthquake Week activities "Earthquake How Prepared?" Panel, experienced and Turkey in the Marmara region profoundly affect the preparations regarding the expected post-earthquake 17 1999 August earthquake in Istanbul in every aspect, it examined work to be done.
At the opening ceremony of the panel held at Ataşehir Municipality Hall, Istanbul University Geophysical Engineering Faculty Member and President of Chamber of Geophysical Engineering of Turkey Assoc. Oğuz Gündoğdu realized. Gündoğdu said in his speech; stressed the importance of education in disasters and showed examples from the practices of other countries such as Japan. Gündoğdu thanked Ateşehir Municipality for its sensitivity on such an important issue and expressed concern about the security and early warning systems of Marmaray and Metrobüs lines in Istanbul.
In the panel, Neighborhood Disaster Volunteers (MAG) Istanbul President Huseyin Karadayi, Disaster and Community Disaster Volunteers in the subject of the issue of Disaster Management Specialist Disaster Management and Disaster Management of Disaster Management and Disaster Information about the role of women shared with the audience.

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