3. Airport Response from Elvan

3rd Airport Response from Elvan: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan continues his election efforts. Elvan finally addressed the citizens at the opening ceremony of the Boğsak Tunnel in Silifke district. Elvan said, “3. The Airport Project is a project that will serve 150 million passengers. They want to prevent this project. ” said.
Minister Elven, Mediterranean Coastal Road project, construction completed Silifke in Bogsak Tunnel opening ceremony in the town in his speech, reading the letter given to him by a teacher who came to the area, the coalition government during districts trip of the Minister of Transport during the period for way between these teacher Mersin, Antalya Turkey " No government in Turkey dares to hit even this road. Don't be a dreamer. In this way, as do Turkey's budget is not enough, even if the European budget is not enough, "said he said.
Expressing that the difference between them and other governments is to realize the imagined ones, Elvan stated that even Europe's budget will not be enough. Currently, we have completed 390 kilometers of the road called imagination. We have 22 tunnels on this road. I hope we will complete each of them, "he said.
Emphasizing that they have made these investments despite the AK Party's closure attempts and attempted coups, Elvan said:
“Although there were intense attacks both on the inside and outside, our Prime Minister and the AK Party, we did it despite desiring to destabilize this country. This is our difference. It is small-minded to head Turkey who want to unstable, unemployed people who want Turkey to turn to the army, 'Yes, we want stability. We want you to say that we are behind our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. ”
Stating that Marmaray started its service and that they started the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel for the vehicles to pass under the sea, Elvan continued as follows.
"3. The Airport Project is a project that will serve 150 million passengers. They want to prevent this project. Some writers and illustrators write articles against this airport, especially abroad, in different countries of Europe. Their brothers and sisters here take this information and information and state that the 3rd airport cannot and cannot be built. I wonder how much these people love our country? I am very curious. They say 'environment, environment'. What did they do for the environment in the periods before us? I will ask you. We have planted over 3 billion trees. They justify the environment at the 3rd airport. ”
Minister Elvan, the Mediterranean Coast Road project between Mersin and Antalya 5 hour of the journey will be reduced to the project at the latest 2 said they aim to complete the year.
Transferring the transportation investments to be made in Mersin, Elvan added that the investments will continue.
General Director of General Directorate of Highways Mehmet Cahit Turhan Mediterranean Coast Road project within the scope of the 17 viaduct and 22 tunnel, a thousand 570 meters long tunnel 3,7 kilometers, travel time is shorter 30 minutes, he said.
Reminding that 489 kilometers of the Antalya - Mersin coastal road, which has a total length of 410 kilometers, has been opened to traffic previously, Turhan said that the works continue for the remaining 79 kilometers.
AK Party Mersin deputy Çiğdem Münevver Ökten noted that the road will enable the tourism potential of the region to be used more effectively, while Mersin Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu stated that the region would develop in every sense when the road is completed.
- Come to the ceremony and came with the groom
After the speeches, the Intestinal Tunnel was opened. Emine and Mesut Yılmaz, who are learned to have weddings today, attended the ceremony with their wedding dresses and grooms. The couple who took a souvenir photo with Minister Elvan said that they came to the ceremony before the wedding to have an unforgettable memory.



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