Minister Elvan: Last 11 We Invested 20 Billion Liras on Railways

Minister Elvan: In the past 11 years, we have invested 20 billion lira in railways. Transport and Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan stated that they have invested more than 11 billion lira in railways in the past 20 years and said, “We have built 11 kilometers of high-speed train lines in 1.366 years with these investments”.
Elvan said, “4. Railway Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Exhibition (Eurasia Rail) "in his speech at the opening of the exhibition with an interest meeting the increasing exponentially every year, also said that an important indicator of how the correct implementation of railway policy in Turkey.
Elvan pointed out that the visitors from more than 50 countries and the owners of more than 25 countries attended the fair and expressed his satisfaction with this participation. Elven Ministers until 2003 kept reminding oblivion of railways in Turkey, he told the following:
“We have treated railways as a state policy since 2003 and determined it as one of the priority sectors. With this policy, railways have entered a rapid development process. By Ataturk himself 'welfare and ümran path' acceptable railways re-entered the agenda of Turkey. It is possible to see this situation very clearly in the resulting figures. From 1856 to 1923, that is, 4.136 kilometers of railway were built during the Ottoman Empire. During the 1923-1950 period, a total of 134 kilometers of railways were built, with an average of 3.764 kilometers per year. These were the golden years of the railways and we were proud of the railways at that time. ”
Elvan, railways of the period, constantly harming, self-renewing and buried on the back of the nation has become an institution, commenting on the subject, continued his speech as follows:
“When we look at the past 11 years, we see that together with the AK Party governments, we have invested over 11 billion lira in railways in the past 20 years. With these investments, we built 11 kilometers of high-speed train lines in 1.366 years. If we include other renewed lines, we built 11 kilometers of new railways in 1.724 years. The construction of the 2.500 km section is also ongoing. We have great goals until 2023. We will realize these goals one by one. Namely, we have the goal of making 3.500 kilometers of High Speed ​​Train line, 8.500 kilometers of high speed train line and 1.000 kilometers of conventional railway. With these investments, we aim to increase the total railway line length to 2023 thousand kilometers until 25. ”
- “We will open the Eskişehir-Istanbul line soon”
Elvan Turkey's 40-year dream of high-speed rail projects have begun to be realized since 2004, recalled, "Ankara-Eskişehir in 2009. In 2011, Ankara-Konya and in 2013 the Eskisehir-Konya High Speed ​​Railway lines were put into service. Our country has become the eighth in the world and the sixth in Europe with a high speed train operator. We will open the Eskişehir-Istanbul line very soon. ”
Lütfi Elvan, who informed that the Ankara-İzmir, Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Bursa projects, which are still under construction, will be implemented successively, stated that with the implementation of the projects, 46 provinces corresponding to 15 percent of the country's population will be connected by high-speed trains.
Elvan, thus pointing out that the current high-speed rail network will be spread across the country, mainly on the east-west axis, said:
“We launched the Marmaray project, which the world carefully follows, connecting the two continents from the submarine. Marmaray is also an important part of the historical iron silk road project. The construction of the historical iron Silk Road continues. Once completed, it will provide uninterrupted rail transportation from Beijing to London. While the railways were a burden on the nation, today it has become an institution that takes the burden of the nation. As a result of the investments made on the railways, there are also significant increases in freight and passenger transport. ”
Stating that TCDD's passenger transportation has increased from 11 million to 59 million with an increase of 77 percent in the last 122 years, Elvan stated that it increased 67 percent in freight transportation from 15,9 million tons to 26,6 million tons.
Elven, West from Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, East, Iran, Kazakhstan in Central Asia and Pakistan, mentioning also that mutually block trains operated "over the Black Sea between Turkey and Russia, the Samsun-Kavkaz Train Feri starting today until February 19, 2013 in the management of mutual transportation was done 83 times in 85 thousand tons. In port handling, 11 million tons have been reached in the last 35 years with an increase of nearly 55 percent. ”
Intercontinental location and geographical characteristics as possessed potential by activating a global scale competitiveness boost want that expresses Elvan, Turkey railways, European Infrastructure Companies and Railway Organizations Society, Southeast Europe Railways Group and the International Rail Transport Committee, Euro He stated that he was involved in many international railway organizations such as the Asia Railway Goods Tariff Conference and that he was actively working there.
During the last 11 year, 12 emphasized that they have signed and signed cooperation agreements with the railway companies of the country. The number of 19 projects and expropriation work continued.
"Turkey's railway industry market as a manufacturer have to take place"
Elven, in his speech in Turkey also spoke about the work they do to improve the domestic rail industry. It is produced within the scope of Turkey's national railway project that the targeted high-speed rail concept design is complete, industrial design work of sharing the persisted information Elven, "Localization within the scope of Eskisehir and we create rail industry clusters in Ankara. 153 companies in two clusters from Ankara and Eskişehir are involved. We started to produce High Speed ​​Train, Locomotive, Wagon, Diesel engine, Traction engine, Bogie and Light Rail systems in Eskişehir. ”
Minister Elvan stated that they are aiming to follow the developments of the railway sector in the world and to develop the railway industry equipped with new technologies.
“While the railway sector is developing rapidly in our country, our goal is not to be a country that purchases only technology. Because the railway industry market in the world is seen over $ 1 trillion in the short and medium term. We need to take our share from this market. Turkey's consumers, not producers in this market need to take place. "
Lutfi Elvan, fairs thanks to that the opportunity to come together in Turkey's railway sector with foreign industry representatives attention, "the industry's how quickly evolved that in Turkey, the most important indicator is that it has a great potential in addition to the development of the so numerous firms in coming to Turkey and Turkey has been a large number of firms starting operations in this area, "he said.
Following the opening speech, Minister Elvan traveled around the stands at the fairground and received information from the authorities.


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