Excursion from Turkish Tourism Professionals to Neighboring Winter Tourism Center Bansko

Winter tourism center Bansko in the neighborhood of the Turkish Tourism Professionals' or Subtraction: Turkey Travel Agencies Union, with the support of Turkish Airlines, the tourism sector is opened to neighboring countries, he made the move to create new markets.

Turkey Travel Agencies Union, with the support of Turkish Airlines, the tourism sector is opened to neighboring countries, he made the move to create new markets. The Türsab delegation identified the opportunities provided by holidaymakers for the holidaymakers in the region, in order to increase the market share of tourism companies in the Balkans, to Bansko, Bulgaria's newly developing ski center.

The Türsab delegation, which received the support of Turkish Airlines for air transportation to the ski center Bansko, which is 330 kilometers away from Bulgaria to the Turkish border by road, made a landing with the sector representatives. In addition to the Turkish tourism industry, Bansko Mayor Georgi Ikamanov and Bulgarian investors and Türsab delegation came together in the new project, which will increase the number of flights and passenger capacity of THY, the most important international brand of our country. At the meeting held with the invitation of Bansko Mayor Ikamonov, Turkish tourism delegation visited the renewed facilities in the region under the chairmanship of Türsab Balkan Countries Consultant Aziz Ciga.


THY's holidaymakers landing in Sofia after a 1-hour and 15-minute flight from Istanbul with reciprocal flights every day of the week are then in Bansko after an hour-long land trip with luxury vehicles provided by the facilities. Bansko, which includes the facilities of the Turkish investor Öztürk Group, has a bed capacity of 20 thousand. Besides the facilities that have been renewed in the last 10 years, it is waiting for holidaymakers on the 240 kilometers long tracks suitable for skiers of all levels with 70 artificial snow machines. Bansko, which has facilities for every budget, offers the opportunity to spend alternative time in the evenings in entertainment venues in addition to ski tourism with its construction understanding that preserves its historical structure.


World and European Cup men's and women's ski competition to the hosts in Bansko Mayor Georgi İkamanov neighboring countries, saying they expect the region's ski enthusiasts Turkey, "able to reach by road, whether airway want our region. We came together to benefit from the experiences of the Turkish tourism industry. Our region has a 10-year history of ski tourism. In addition to ski tourism, we are hosting an international jazz festival throughout the year. ”


Burhan Nemutlu, Representative of Öztürkler Group, which is among the companies investing in Bansko, where there are 300 ski instructors who speak foreign languages ​​on the tracks, said that the Turks are among the customers of their facilities and said, “The establishment has started in the region in the last 10 years. We introduced the Turkish tourism industry to Bansko and its accommodation facilities and tracks in the region. Bansko is a newly developed ski resort. To be close to Turkey and affordability has become an attractive location here. We created a new brand. Those who come on vacation will be able to receive price and quality service. He is getting into world class facilities in the region. ”


Türsab Balkan Countries Consultant Aziz Ciga explained that they met in Bansko with agencies and tour operators in order to create new opportunities for the sector and said, “The agencies are hosting the agencies here on a trip organized jointly by the Union of Turkish Travel Agencies and Turkish Airlines and invited by the Bansko Municipality. The aim here is to create new and different opportunities for the sector through mutual cooperation. We wanted to see the region and the possibilities of the facilities on site. Bansko is on its way to become a serious brand in skiing. Turkish tourism professionals kazanWe are here for the cost. We take our grades, Türsab's professional staff is with us. We will compile the notes we receive from here and present them to other agencies that do not come from the website with their cooperation requests.”

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