Application projects are being prepared to extend the İZBAN line to Selçuk

Implementation projects are being prepared to extend the İZBAN line to Selçuk: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality plans to complete the constructions that will extend to Torbalı by the end of the month by increasing the İZBAN line to 110 kilometers. The project will cost 61 million TL.
Izmir Suburban System, which is the biggest urban public transportation project in the history of the Republic of Turkey, was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with TCDD. The construction is planned to be completed by the end of this month. According to the protocol signed with TCDD, the 30 station and the 6 overland crossing and 9 pedestrian crossing on the additional line of 1 kilometers make the Metropolitan Municipality. The current one-line railway from Cumaovasi to Torbalı is being even removed by TCDD. The construction of the protection walls of the line, signaling and electrification systems in line with the line of Aliağa-Cumaovası Torbalı Tepeköy'a extension will be done by TCDD again.
On the additional line that will take the Izmir suburb to the total 110 kilometer, Tekeli, Pancar, Kuşçuburnu, Menderes Gölcükler, Torbalı center and Tepeköy highway overpasses were completed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Torbalı center and Tepeköy highway crossings started to serve. The productions of the Develi highway overpass and the Cumaovası highway underpass and the Tepeköy pedestrian overpass continue rapidly. On the other hand, in order to respond to the increasing needs on the line, the tender was made for Torbalı Municipality overpass which was added to the project, and its foundation will be laid in the coming days. In addition, the demands and new needs of the citizens are evaluated by the Metropolitan Municipality. In this context, the projects of the 2 pedestrian overpass were started.
On line; The 5 station in Develi, Tekeli, Pancar, Torbalı and Tepeköy is about to be completed. The construction works for Torbalı Kuşçuburnu station, which is added later, according to the increasing needs, is continuing rapidly. In addition, fiber optic installation is continuing with the communication systems of the line. The total investment cost for 24 million 423 bin, stations and communication systems for 36 million 580 thousand TL for highway crossings is 61 million TL.
When the Torbalı line is activated, passengers arriving from Aliağa and the city center will have the opportunity of safe, fast, uninterrupted and comfortable travel to Torbalı. The passengers of Selçuk, Bayındır, Tire and Ödemiş will be able to travel by rail from Torbalı to İzmir center and from there to Aliağa.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been continuing its efforts to develop the rail network, prepares the application projects to extend the Izmir Suburban System İZBAN to Selçuk. In this context, 26 units (Health and Selcuk stations) and 2 highway overpass and 3 type culvert highway passageway will be constructed on the 6 kilometer Selçuk line between Torbalı Tepeköy and Selçuk.


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