The Angels of the Rails

The Angels of the Rails are Eye-Catching: In Adana, 4 women, who work as vatman in light rail system vehicles, add color to urban transportation with their smiling behaviors, regular work and careful driving. Women passengers who travel 120 kilometers every day with 250-tonne wagons without passengers give confidence to citizens with their smiling behavior, regular work and careful driving.
30 of the 4 watts working in the light rail transportation system vehicles operating under the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department are women. Women vatman, who came to Adana from another city with astonishment, is also an example with their struggle. 4 female vatman, whose male colleagues called “angel”, are happy to continue their duties successfully.
Vatman Nazlı Baştuğ (31), AA correspondent, said that the married and mother of two children, 4 said that he did his job as he loves and willingly done for years.
Explaining that the Vatican is a very nice feeling, Baştuğ said, “We love our job very much and we get very good reactions from outside. It makes everyone happy to do this job, we are happy when they are happy and we embrace our work more. ”
Baştuğ stated that he had previously worked as a security officer, and successfully completed his duty and training, and started to do this duty. Emphasizing that they have two children, one of them is 11 years old and the other is 10 months old, Baştuğ said, “My 11 year old daughter is very happy to do this profession. My daughter was telling her friends and teachers, 'Only my mother is driving a train in Adana'. This situation makes me and my daughter happy. ”
Baştuğ, every woman should stand on the feet, the study gives people confidence that women should be more active on this issue, he said.
- “As a woman, I am very happy to do this job”
Gülten Rock (32), previously run a boutique, 9 months after the job unemployed by entering the exam to complete the education and 2009 successful completion of the training began.
Kaya said about his loving home, said:
“Especially, we get very nice comments and reactions from women. Men also react well. Often, there are people who say 'halal' in the stations. As a woman, I am very happy to do this job. There is nothing women can't do, as long as they want. The Vatican would not even pass my mind, but now I love my job. ”
Gülsah Öksüm (26) also said that university graduates were not so easy to find a job, and that after completing school, they started an accident in 6.
He loved doing his job lovingly, Öksüm said:
“We are at the head of the train, even if not always enlightened even day. We work at a slightly different risk than other professions. We have great responsibilities at every station entrance. In order to fulfill these responsibilities, we pay more attention to our profession than other professions. In the expeditions, we also encounter interesting reactions of citizens. When they saw us from the citizens, 'Did you bring us? Are you taking such a large and large vehicle? reactions are coming. We are very happy. ”
- "I have a great job, I am happy"
Ayşe Nur Bal (28), on the other hand, said that she did her job amusingly, but that she was sometimes “petite” and sometimes received negative reactions. Explaining that the citizens got on the vehicle a little hesitantly when he saw that he was using the vehicle, Bal said, “Sometimes it will take this? Does this carry us? There were those who said. I was doing my duty by laughing and having fun. I have a very nice job, I am happy. ”
Honey, male homeland friends are very good, very well agreed, noted.
Aziz Kul, a Light Rail Transport System Traffic Control Chief, said that the women of the homeland were successfully carrying out this difficult task by passing about 250 kilometers every day.
Kul, light rail vehicles in the day 35 thousand passengers traveling by explaining that, contributed to the female homeland also, he added.


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