Çekmeköy Metro 38 Ayda Bitecek, Record Breaks

Çekmeköy Metro 38 Ayda Bitez, Record Breaks: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas, attended the opening ceremony and ground-breaking ceremony in Çekmeköy. Kadir Topbas stated that the Çekmeköy Metro will be completed in 38 months and this is a record.
Kadir Topbaş, the experienced mayor of Istanbul, who has been continuing his election activities uninterruptedly participated in the collective opening and groundbreaking ceremony in Çekmeköy. The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Çekmeköy, Ahmet Poyraz. Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who spoke at the ceremony, stated that the world is watching Istanbul and said: ini In the past, we applied a single double plate in Istanbul and called air pollution. Although 3 is a million vehicles today, we don't talk about it. This was passed in Paris. Someone says' I'm going to do Paris. It's air pollution in Paris. We have taught the world civilization,. He said.
Topbas, 'everywhere, metro, everywhere,' reminding that they say, '' Üsküdar-Çekmeköy-Taşdelen line 38 months have put the target. World globe. State of the world makes the subway. On this scale in the world. there is no other municipality that creates subway networks from its own budget. They ask us when the world is given an example. We tell them the truth. We are studying how the world developed, how cities are in our meetings. From Tokyo's traffic control center, I've examined Korea and all of Berlin's traffic control centers all over the place. I got the idea. This is what we do with the excitement of application to Istanbul by developing and following the world models to serve this city. Istanbul traffic control center is the number one in the world. We have to be number one in everything. We need to work hard to make up for what we have lost Kay.
Baş Metro line will be completed in 2015. Those who will come from Şile will be provided with access to Istanbul. The subway to Çekmeköy, not just to Taksim, Kartal, the airport. It means going to Marmaray and transferring to high-speed train, to Ankara, to far east to London to Europe. You will have access to the world from a station in Çekmeköy. Civilization, this is the service, ”he said.
Topbaş said that the future will be different, ı Çekmeköy will be different. The point that Turkey can not be compared with the past. We make uninterrupted investments. We have no debt to the state, we have money in the safe, Devlet he said.
Kadir Topbaş opened the Çekmeköy Square Arrangement, Alemdağ Social and Cultural Center and Nişan Tepe Park. The foundation and the closed market place were laid.



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