The development of intermodal transport in Turkey must

The development of intermodal transport in Turkey requirement: about 125 from 1000 country logisticians and transporters coming to Istanbul.
Istanbul, which connects two continents as or Natural Logistics City en, is preparing for the FIATA World Congress, the biggest organization of the transportation and logistics world this year.
12 years later once again the congress which played host UTIKAD's Chairman and FIATA Vice President Turgut Erkeskin, Turkey transportation and unlike yesterday, today the logistics industry new transportation model draws attention to the need to develop and lasting solutions to the problems in the sector in terms of producing intermodal transport underlines the importance of increasing.
transport jobs in the logistics sector in recent years been an increasing trend towards the organizer also emphasized that Erkeskin, "Turkey also began moving jobs to get ahead of the physical trait organizer as well as all over the world. There is a serious shift from C2 to R2. CX
The International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Producers (UTİKAD) has been working feverishly in recent months. This feverish work will continue until October 2010 at the World Congress held in Istanbul between 13-18 October. Because the XATX World Congress 125 1000 is expected to come from around the country logistics and transporters. Especially Turkish exporters are expected to have an intense participation in the congress from Africa and South and Central Asia, which is the most suitable continent for alternative markets. UTIKAD based on the success of the congress is very important for Turkey's prestige both for the association. Even Turkey's decades told by "Logistics Bases To Be Target" What added value will add up to an important organization FIATA World Congress to be held in Istanbul.
For the promotion of such an important organization, UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin participates in the logistics activities organized in many countries. invites you to Istanbul, which is located at the junction of two continents and which is the ve Natural Logistics City iki. UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin,’a He made important statements regarding both the congress and the current state of the Turkish logistics industry.
We start the interview with Turgut Erkeskin by asking him at what stage the FIATA World Congress works. Erkeskin stated that the participant records started at the congress and underlined that companies, institutions and organizations can sponsor the congress. Mr. Erkeskin stated that the main sponsor of the congress is başla Ekol Logistics kayıt and he also pointed out that there will be a fairground at the same time. Erkeskin said, Nisan We would like to invite all our companies and representatives who want to capture the opportunities of the congress.
FIATA they participate in various activities to promote the World Congress participants in this event and invited Turkey Erkeskin stating that, in these negotiations is recording very high positive feedback they received. In order to promote the congress, Erkeskin, who will be organizing events in several countries as well as in Austria, Germany and Switzerland during the week, will be held in 13-18 October. The event will be held in 12-XNUMX. says that the congress has been mentioned before.
giving direction to the world of logistics "For our Future Together Start Again 'Intersections of the continent's meet in Istanbul!" that they invited the slogan of Istanbul Erkeskin, "FIATA 2014 Istanbul Congress' Generation's Future, Storage and Distribution Base' as shown in Turkey '' Sustainable Growth in Logistics' theme will be realized within the framework of the synergy created in the region. The dynamics and needs of sustainable growth in logistics will be discussed with concurrent meetings organized within the scope of the congress. With the annual meetings to be organized by FIATA's advisory boards, institutes and working groups, the participants' knowledge will be enriched. In addition to these, the congresses were able to; acak will offer unique opportunities to build and develop new business relationships, to meet with target audience and potential customers, to be a part of the global logistics network, to expand the agency network and to increase market share, to promote its companies through sponsorships and to understand the prospects of logistical sector and to catch up with future growth opportunities. yeni speaking.
On the second day of the congress, 14 informed that they will organize tüm UTİKAD Networking Day toplantı in October and they will have the opportunity to meet with the players of the logistics sector from abroad. Erkeskin stated that Turkish logistics companies will have the opportunity to tell their logistics services, activities, services and products through this activity and they expect that such an event will be held for the first time in the FIATA Congresses and that this organization will continue in the next congresses.
Dür Sustainability in Logistics kast is the main theme of the congress and Erkeskin says: anlat By means of sustainability, our aim here is that world trade is developing very much and the need for logistics is increasing every day. Today, the production of most goods in the world is completed in more than one country. Later on, this production is carried out in different countries and sent to different distribution centers and then introduced into sales channels to be delivered to consumers. For such a flow, a complete logistics infrastructure needs to be created. In parallel with world trade in logistics, growth must be established. Long-term and sustainable projects related to logistics need to be created and implemented. If you make 3-5 yearly projects in logistics today, you will soon be clogged. Therefore, it is necessary to develop long-term structures that are open to development and growth. Bu
Turkey in the field of logistics and in recent years there have been some changes in the world, pointing Erkeskin, "Transport organizer works began to take precedence over physical trait. There's a shift from C2 to R2. Why, foreign trade and industrialists do not want to have 10-15 in their portfolio. Instead, 2-3 prefer to manage logistics movements within their supply chains by establishing a strategic cooperation with the organizing organization. According to data from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the number of R2 documents increases more than C2. In 2013, the increase in the number of C2 certificates was 6.5 while 2 increased the number of R13.8 certificates in the same year.
Turgut Erkeskin, after the end of the congress, which will be held in November, the General Assembly of UTIKAD will not be nominated for president, he says. The reason is that Erkeskin explains: “There is an established tradition in UTIKAD. It is not a written rule, but the general practice is that a chairman 2 is chairing the 2 term of the year. I will leave this task to other friends in November. Ben
röportajımızdatürki logistics sector also makes an overall assessment Erkeskin says the following about the current situation: "The sector's currently in very serious trouble. One of the reasons is the rise in interest rates and the fluctuation in exchange rates. The fluctuation of the currency affected our investment costs. The increase in interest rates affected credit debts and the costs of new loans. There is a serious pause and waiting in the markets. This was reflected in the foreign trade figures in January and February. There is a serious contraction in imports. Exports continue to be the same level of breathing, but all transport modes in the first months of the year decreased significantly.
On the other hand, the problem of transiting with Bulgaria last month has not yet been resolved permanently. Similar problems need permanent solutions. The crisis in Bulgaria has shown that we have to develop different models than the transportation models we have been doing for years. That is absolutely essential to the development of intermodal transport in Turkey. For example, BALO, which we are in, brings serious solutions to this area. We have to think again and plan the Ro-La transports. I hope that the World Trade Organization will impact the increase of the decisions taken by Turkey's trade in Bali, and we see it as a reflection of the increase in the share of the total transport of intermodal transport. "
Finally, Erkeskin says that green and environmental logistics will be one of the most important criteria in the future. Erkeskin stated that he made the first sensitivity indicator in the sector as UTİKAD and he reminded that they were the 'Green Office' certificate by the Foundation for Natural Life Protection for the first time in the sector. Drawing attention to the fact that the average age of the fleet of ships, aircraft and trucks owned by the Turkish logistics sector is young, Erkeskin said, os Intermodal transportation is the main complement to the green logistics concept. The railway also forms the basis of intermodal transport. We also took important steps in this field with BALO. Our world is small. The world is not the most polluting as said, but one of the less polluting ones despite the high volume is the logistics sector. However, if we are one of the world's polluters, then we need to take the necessary measures.

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