53 Evolution Day (Photo Gallery)

53 is the desire of almost many people: travel around the world. It is possible to count many alternatives for this.
But a world tour that will begin next year is already getting attention. Because it offers a good opportunity to its participants with the world's most famous train routes. Within the scope of the trip planned to start from London, it is predicted that approximately 53 thousand kilometers will be covered in 37 days. Behind the project; Britain's largest rail holiday company has Great Rail Journeys. Institution sözcüAccording to Alex Roberts, this is an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking to gain an amazing world tour experience. Within the framework of the tour, which can be included for 21 thousand pounds, many places from Russia to Mongolia, from Siberia to European countries can be seen.
Featured include: China's famous Terracotta army (Earth soldiers), taken to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 1987, located in the state of Arizona in the United States and the country's first national park, Grand Canyon, Moscow, Red Square. the famous cathedral St. Vasil, the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. On the other hand, travelers will be able to travel to the world-famous Venice-Simplon Orient Express, which is used in many films.



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