The boat of the Governor of the snow rafting 2 hit the person like that! (Photo gallery)

📩 24/11/2018 13:13

The boat of the Governor, who was doing snow rafting, hit 2 people like this: Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir's boat, who was rafting in the snow at Ergan Mountain Ski Center on the skirts of Munzur Mountain in ERZINCAN, hit two spectators who crossed the safety strip.

While nothing happened to the 2 people who fell by somersaults in the air, Governor Akdemir, who was on the boat with Police Chief Mustafa Eleman, said, "We saw one of the sports branches with the highest adrenaline, which is exciting."

Snow rafting season was opened at Ergan Mountain Ski Center, which is 2 meters high on the skirts of Munzur Mountain, with the participation of Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir. Paragliding athletes also flew at the ski center, where Turkish and foreign sportsmen flocked. Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir, Police Chief Mustafa Elaman, Deputy Governors and some institution directors went up to a height of 850 meters to do rafting. Governor Akdemir, who invited the directors of the institution to the boat, got on the boat after putting on his life jacket and helmet. Stating that the rafting season has opened, Governor Akdemir said:

“We also have female athletes here. The place to do that Erghina Mountains of snow rafting, we will introduce all of Turkey and our region. We want winter sports enthusiasts to see this place. I am sure it will be a great adrenaline rush. "

Governor Akdemir later they compete with the next boat to compete with the athletes. After reaching the end point, Akdemir rafting on the snow repeatedly.


There were minor accidents during the second landing of the Governor Akdemir and his entourage with rafting. When the two people watching the boats on the runway did not notice the boat in which Governor Akdemir was in it, they fell in the air by somersaults. The accident, with no injury, caused smiles. Some boats crossed the runway and got caught in safety nets and dismantled small poles. Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir stated that he made snow rafting with 2800 rafting clubs at an altitude of 5 meters for the first time and said:

“It was pretty exciting. We have experienced it that it is one of the sports with the highest adrenaline. There were minor accidents. These are the excitement aspects of this business. We took the necessary security measures. When seen from the outside, it can be perceived as dangerous. However, we did not have any security concerns.