Tourism Minister Ersoy's Train Travel

tourism minister ersoyun railway travel
tourism minister ersoyun railway travel

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy went to Erzincan to attend the Erzincan Tourism and Outdoor Sports Workshop and visit the city's districts.

Minister Ersoy, in his speech to citizens in the districts, explaining the development of tourism potential of Erzincan, "To make a city of tourism will go on the attack." He said.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, where he went last night in Erzincan, AK Parti Deputy Suleyman Karaman and Erzincan Governor Ali Arslantaş was greeted by.

Minister Ersoy began his program by making observations at Ergan Mountain Ski Center during the morning hours, where he was briefed by Governor Arslantaş. Minister Ersoy then visited the tomb of Terzi Baba.

Participating in the Erzincan Tourism and Outdoor Sports Workshop, Minister Ersoy pointed out the natural beauty of Erzincan in his opening speech and said, konuş Erzincan is one of the important centers of tourism that can spread over the whole year. . Minister Ersoy, nature tourism in the health tourism by combining with Erzincan is possible to increase the share of tourism, he said.

Following the upcoming elections, Erzincan's tourism targets will be re-planned. Minister Ersoy, certain areas will be taken under protection and development policies will be created, he said.

The interest of foreign producers has started to increase “

Minister Ersoy, the new cinema law "Filming in Turkey" web portal was also mentioned. With this law, we will support some of the costs of the producers as a state. Already the interest of foreign producers began to increase. Tur Emphasizing the importance of film tourism, Minister Ersoy continued his words as follows:

"Web portal, Turkey could withdraw the film in which areas, so as to benefit from this law, and under what conditions it can be done in responding to questions related to cooperation will be one of the leading sites. We are planning to give Erzincan a wide space here. Erzincan will withdraw a film show in the world, is very important both in your region and for the promotion of Turkey. "

One of the Priority Regions of Tourism Development Fund will be Erzincan “

Minister Ersoy said that Erzincan should be supported by the neighboring provinces and made important statements about the Tourism Development Fund, which is expected to be enacted after the elections:

"Tourism Development Fund, including promotion first, the new tourism areas and develop alternatives based on a professional structure in Turkey. These activities, which have been done by the Ministry to date, will be implemented in a faster, more organized and more sustainable manner with a fund to be included in the management of all stakeholder professional organizations and NGOs of tourism under the leadership of the Ministry. Erzincan will be one of the priority tourism areas of the new fund. Yeni

“We Need to Create New Tourism Areas“

After the meeting, Ersoy, who went to the city center, visited the district after meeting with the tradesmen and citizens. Minister Ersoy was accompanied by Sinan Aksu, the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, and hundreds of guests on the train journey, which took 5 hours to Kemaliye from the city center and served as an intermediate engineer. Kemah district was the first stop of the journey, which was colored with the horse safari team with Turkish flags in their hands, off-road cars, cyclists and rafting athletes on the Karasu River.

Station Square in Kemah appeal to the citizens of Ministers Ersoy, "You know, we grew up with a new system of government targets in Turkey. We have moved our tourist destination to 70 million. Therefore, we need to create new tourism areas. Erzincan is one of the luckiest cities because you have a very rich tourism potential. Çok

Erzincan, Turkey's Minister said that it is possible not only opening to the world of tourism Ersoy, the words continued as follows:

Hale We need to activate the natural plateau of Erzincan and especially the canyon in terms of the film sector. We will prepare an incentive policy and promote it to the world over the web portal. With this project, we will subsidize the part of the world famous filmmakers up to 30 of their expenses in return for shooting here. Erzincan, Kemah and Kemaliye, with its canyon, nature, nature sports and gastronomy, is one of the most promising tourism areas. Immediately after the elections, we are going to make an attack to make it a tourist city. Seçim

"Now Strategic Tourism Sector in Turkey"

Minister Ersoy, Kemah then passed to. Here, too, made a speech telling the crowd that satisfies itself with the slogan and tourism in Turkey is considered as a strategic sector of Ministers Ersoy, "Mr. President, Turkey's tourism potential and gave instructions to augment their income. We started to create new tourism areas. We started to work for the whole of Turkey tourism projects. Obviously we wanted a project like our MPs brought us. We have resources to support this, we will meet you by the end of the year with a very nice project. Now we are on a review tour. Şimdi

Minister Ersoy mentioned the richest tourism potential of Erzincan in the last stop in Kemaliye and said, Ers There are tourism opportunities suitable for every season and gastronomy has started. We will evaluate them all and we will implement the projects developed for Erzincan in a very short time. Hep Minister Ersoy, Ataturk Cultural Center within the scope of the district visit.

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