Michelin truck tires do not compromise safety in winter

Michelin heavy vehicle tires do not compromise the safety of coating technologies in winter. Road conditions vary from year to year. The braking distances differ according to the variable conditions. Michelin, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, offers durable solutions to drivers in the winter months thanks to the tire technologies developed in the heavy vehicle segment. Road, pedestrian and passenger safety at all times, Michelin keeps the safety of the heavy vehicle tires covered by Recamic technology, the design of the winter pattern and shoulder parts of the "M + S" sign proves.
The application of winter tires on heavy vehicles, which was made obligatory by the regulation published by the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Road Regulation in 2012, requires that the tires be used in snow with the M + S mark. Heavy vehicle tires, the product of Recamic technology developed as a result of Michelin's intensive R&D processes, also meet all the requirements of the application.
The Michelin truck tires, covered with Recamic technology, which has a çıkar M + S iyle mark on the shoulder and the winter conditions, maximize road, pedestrian and passenger safety with air temperature falling below 7. The Michelin truck tires covered by the Recamic technology with the M + S mark are indicated by the experts in the winter conditions with zero tires.

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