Coal Car Crushed Miner's Leg

Coal Miners Wagon was Kopart the leg: in Zonguldak, Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) mines in the mine worker trapped between two cars 39-year-old Mehmet Aktas's left leg was severed above the knee. Aktaş was sent to Ankara with his severed leg.
The incident occurred at noon in the mining pit of TTK Karadon Institution 360 meters below ground. 14-year-old miner Mehmet Aktaş, allegedly stuck between the wagons on the move. Aktaş's left leg has been severed above the knee. Aktaş, who was saved by his friends, was removed from the stove and taken to Bülent Ecevit University Practice and Research Hospital by an ambulance belonging to the institution. The mining worker, whose first intervention was made here, was sent to Ankara by ambulance to sew her broken leg in place. It was stated that the hospital to which Aktaş will be referred will be determined on the road.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 19:45

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