Train Culture of Russia

Train culture of Russia: St. The official opening ceremony of Russia's first railway line between St. Petersburg and Tsarskoye Selo was held on October 30, 1837.

In Russia there is 2 kind train. The short distance trains şehir elektrichka alar with seats usually work between neighboring cities or city centers and nearby towns. 2. long-distance trains with more than 20 cars with bed type trains. 2. Type trains consist of two different types of wagons called lard platskart tip and ”kupe tip. There are 8 separate compartments and two 4 beds in each compartment. Ticket prices are changing according to the comfort of the compartment. Every car has an official. This officer is in the wagon he is responsible for during the whole journey. He is responsible for the control of tickets, the general cleaning of the wagon, the distribution of bedding and the sale of tea and coffee.

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