Introduced the first domestic wagons of Istanbul

Istanbul's first local wagons were introduced: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and AK Party Candidate Kadir Topbas, the first local tram in Istanbul, conducted the test drive. Speaking at the introduction of the Topkapi Tram Station Kadir Topbas, in order to reduce dependence abroad and reduce the costs of the local tram production said that they do.
Speaking at the ceremony where 18 of the 2 new wagons were put into service, Topbaş said that the handles used to hold in the wagons were produced domestically at a cost of less than $ 1, and frequently returned to Ömer Yıldız, General Manager of Transportation Inc. and received confirmation about the cost. Topbaş said, “One of the handles you kept in the wagons was bought for 250 dollars. What budget is based on this? Our Prime Minister had such simple materials produced in Istanbul during the Mayorship ”he said.
Asking Yıldız, General Manager of Transportation AŞ, how many liras are currently being produced, Topbaş said when he heard that the handles were produced for less than 1 dollar, “We give 250 dollars to a handle. Don't be wrong. What generosity is the budget based on it? what money kazanWow, whoever sold it to us. What the hell is God doing? Today, they are asking for account. We do these services, are we making mistakes?” he said.
Underlining that the wagons, 47 of which have a seating capacity of 270 passengers, are of domestic production, Topbaş said, “Some of them have angular tokens, they do not understand us”.
Stating that wagons like handles are also produced with local production, Topbaş said, “We are making wagons. We cannot buy a wagon for less than 3.5 million euros. So it exceeds 10 trillion. We cost 1.57 million euros. How was the budget of this nation wasted, these are examples of this ”he said. Stating that the wagons have a technological equipment close to the aircraft technology, Topbaş emphasized that the trams cost almost half the price.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, took his seat in order to introduce Istanbul's local tram and he made his first ride from Edirne to Topkapı. The first 18 was put into service from the domestic 2 wagon. By the end of 2014 16 is expected to join the fleet. The design of the wagons was selected by receiving 6500 by 63.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President and AK Party candidate Kadir Topbas, Beylikdüzü İBB Ottoman Park said the opening ceremony. Topbas, due to the high demand metrobus line should be converted into a subway, he said.
Stating that someone taking the metro from Beylikdüzü in the near future will be in Taksim after 55 minutes, Topbaş said, “It was insisted that the metrobus line would come to Beylikdüzü. We chose the metrobus to carry half as many people as today. It is not possible to transport such people by buses. Because it creates a troublesome formation. We saw the great choice of our people and said that he should return to the subway. "We are currently in the preparation of a subway tender that will reach 26 kilometers from Bahçelievler to the center of Büyükçekmece."
Stating that the metro line is planned to extend from Büyükçekmece to Silivri, Topbaş said, “When the Metro comes to Büyükçekmece, we will build a building, it will enter it. This building will be a subway station. It will be an activity area and we will introduce it to the press soon ”.

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