Erciyes Ski Center was Artificial Snow Sochi

Erciyes Ski Center became Sochi with artificial snow: Erciyes, which scientists say "There will be no snow problem for 100 years", became a ski favorite with its new tracks. But 90 percent of the snow on the tracks is artificial.

In Turkey it is experiencing a long drought not seen in years. Dams are thirsty and the mountains are not falling snow. 16 ski resort in Turkey, most of which failed. Kayseri Erciyes, with the investments made recently, despite the rain was not able to open the track with artificial snow. The 1.5 snowmaker, which has 21 million pounds each, is continuously sprayed on the tracks.

The ski resort in Erciyes, which was operated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports for many years, moved to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality at 2005. Since then, investments in winter tourism have been continuing in Erciyes. During the 3 year, only the project was carried out. Erciyes master plan was prepared. Construction started. The whole project has not been implemented at this time. 15 new runway was opened at the weekend. According to Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, Erciyes has the capacity to make the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Before starting the project, Özhaseki went to the Insburg region of Austria, to the ski resorts in the Alps. He made an agreement with an Austrian company. One year research was conducted. Project preparation for the current cost 150 million Euros lasted 2-3 years.

'I saw the bald state for the first time'

The project phase was first started with a symposium on global warming. 103 academician went to Kayseri. The report was prepared. Özhaseki explained the report prepared by scientists: “They told Erciyes that there will be no problem about snow looting. In their report, the next 100 year stated that Erciyes would not be affected by global warming. We took the foundations. Tem

Currently, there are 102 kilometers in Erciyes. All investments such as chairlift and teleski are over. Approximately 50 of the runways was opened. When the project is completed, there will be a 200 kilometer. The existing 4 hotel is scheduled to be built in the 21 hotel in Erciyes. The foundation of the 7 hotel is laid. Özhaseki said investments will be completed after 2-3 years. However, this year's drought has also affected Erciyes. Özhaseki, ilk For the first time I have ever seen such baldness of Erciyes. Everywhere in this season it would be white. We were able to open the slopes with snow making machines. He said the 90 is an artificial profit.

Snow spray machines are available on most of the main runways. The cost of each 1-1.5 million pounds. Snow machines need water to produce snow. An artificial lake was created for this. From the lake to the machinery line is produced by producing profits. However, the machines are operated with minus 2 degrees and below.

Kayseri Municipality, the ski resort, the athletes did not forget the investment. According to Özhaseki, the Hisarcık runways are especially composed of runways with high difficulty levels to be preferred by athletes.

Özhaseki also stated that they applied for the 2015 European Championship and that they were staying with the finals in Bosnia and Herzegovina but they were withdrawn from the race with a request by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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