The Cable Car, the Symbol of Bursa, is also a Bridge Between Cultures

Section 1
- intercultural cable car line-
turkey workers from Germany is experiencing a period of migration from an engineer from Germany to Turkey, not only it has built the cable car at the time of their friendship. He also hired a mirror from his own eyes.
life has brought other experiences to people living in different regions, and as a natural consequence of this, every society has its own cultural heritage and memory. Since the common denominator of all these different accumulations is human, they intersect in the framework of basic human emotions and concepts.
what we call difference often brings conflicts. however, I believe that conflicts can be avoided by virtue of similarities and relations based on common ties. Unfortunately, the number of people who have a life understanding based on the similarities that are much larger than our differences is very limited.
one of the people who looked in the mirror in the real sense and who took the consciousness of the fact that it is different from the others is also the German uncle, hubert sondermann, who lived and died in bursa.
Section 2
Who is hubert sondermann?
hubert sondermann was born in 1902 in a German family. He immigrated to Switzerland with his family during his childhood and grew up as a Swiss citizen. She studied mechanical engineering and became a successful partner in a company as a successful mechanical engineer. In 1957, he worked for von roll which will win the tender for the construction of the bursa uludağ ropeway.
In time, Bursa has become an important symbol for the construction of the ropeway construction. Although the purpose of its arrival is commercial, it will actually establish a similarity between the cable car line between the city center and the city center between the Turkish and German cultures. at the opening of the cable car line at the bursa as a naturalist:
- you won a cable car, but you lost a mountain. He said.
in summary, ğı his work is the mirror of the person ”inin is a living example of the discourse.
Section 3
Photos of sondermann in Instagram Account ilk randmann
The construction of the facilities began in the year 1955. the task for the operation of the cable car and chairlift was given to the directorate of electricity management with the decision of the city council on the date of 15.06.1957 and 289. 1958 was contracted to Swiss von roll in 27 for 1958 million pounds. When the sondermann arrived in bursa in the first months of XNUMX, he started to work by establishing a working team.
It was difficult for him to cross the steep slopes, streams and all natural obstacles to reach the summit of the cable car to the summit of uludag, because he had to grapple with the limited technical and economic conditions.
merkep, mules and horses were generally used to transport the materials. A great effort has been given for each stage of the cable car line leading to the summit of uludag. such studies were carried out regardless of weather conditions and season. During this uninterrupted work, the workers and the sondermann's deliberations were delayed and often hungry. in this type of starvation, the workers and the sondermann did not hesitate to share and share whatever can be eaten.
sonderman 's gossip, which is the subject matter of the workers: always carry a mirror next to each other and has always corrected his head on.
According to the rumor, one of the workers asks one day:
Uncle German, who will see you on these slopes so that you always look in the mirror and straighten your dress?
he also answers:
- he is the best supervisor of the person and the one he must respect first.
then continued:
- are the people around the person's main mirror. Actually, I see myself when I look at you and you see yourself when you look at me. You are kind-hearted people and it suits you to work with people who look clean like your heart. I do what I do to deserve your friendship, cleanliness and hospitality, my friends.
workers who hear it understand better how they work at the command of a man.
Section 4
installation and operation of the cable car and chairlift
There were many difficulties during the replacement of the iron poles, which were the carrier system of the cable car line, the installation of the stations and the withdrawal of the iron ropes hundreds of meters in length. Turkey's first cable car, all that is the result of perseverance and sacrifice is full study began service in October 29 1963.
hence, the summit of uludag, which even inspired mythological stories, has now become accessible.
sonderman uncle said the following in his speech to the workers around him:
- It is the mirror of what people can achieve.
one of the important messages sent to us from the past:
- you won a cable car, but you lost a mountain. It shaped.
The cable car was a part of 1968's electricity operation until 1969. The cable car line was built in Bursa, Turkey's first cable car line is the property of the carrier, as well as the turkey is not the only cable car line. In the years following the construction in bursa, ropeway lines were established for various purposes such as istanbul, ankara and izmir. The longest cable car lines available from the turkey in Bursa. such that this line is three thousand meters long and is placed on a total of twenty eight pillars. While on a journey that takes about twenty minutes along the lines turkey's largest capacity cable car cabin with 40 personality.
Section 5
Photos of sondermann in Instagram Account bursa boykı
sondermann lived in sixfinger during his first years in bursa. Altıparmak is the most popular street of Bursa at that time. In the transportation to the work site from where he lived, in those days he used his o ford ulaşım car which is very little in bursa.
As far as we learned from his friends, sondermann loved the sound of the azan rising from the mosques, and some mornings he sat at the bottom of the minarets and recorded the sounds of the prayer. After a while, he moved to a house that was closer to his workplace and where he could clearly hear the sound of the call to prayer, which saw the green mosque and the green tomb. In a short time, they established warm friendships with the neighborhood and employees, sohbetIt has become the indispensable name of societies, societies and invitations.
He wanted to learn Turkish in order to communicate effectively with his employees and he succeeded in a short time. thus, they were able to reach the information about the bursa, which is a great love, and to express their wishes more easily. He was very pleased that the Turkish people were sharing and he shared many things with those around him. in the morning on the way to work, the children of the neighborhood left their car to their school and found a child or adult companion whenever they used their car.
sondermann has learned, learned and adopted almost all the values ​​of the Turks, not only the sharing spirit, but also all the values ​​that have lasted for generations. his interest, relevance and respect for both Turkish people and Turkish people were much appreciated by those around him. everyone began to call him as eye German uncle eye or ”German Emmi eye in Turkish. he is no longer the sondermann has managed to become one of us.
the German uncle had to travel to his hometown some times. On these journeys - as in every great love - his great love could not stay away from the bursa for a long time and returned in a few days. while the German uncle built warm bonds with those around him, things were progressing rapidly. Finally, the project of the ropeway operation ended and this situation meant that the uncle was separated from the bursa. However, this separation was prevented by the ski lift project at the ski resort created in the hotels district and every hotel trying to work with it.
There were many reasons why everyone wanted to work with him and respected him. the most important reason for this reason was that the work was highly disciplined and rigorous. he would do his job at full time, work without break and he would clean up all the tools he used during the work and put them in his place. other people who love to teach others what they know, everyone can enter and leave the house easily, home of the Torah, the Bible and the Koran was a person who has studied and examined them. he sought serious Islamism because of the beliefs of many of the people in his city. Apart from that, it has traveled most of the big cities especially in Konya.
German uncle, after the ropeway project, wanted to make permanent works. for this purpose, he met with the authorities of the time and informed him that he wanted to establish a factory in bursa. however this request has not been approved. hoping to be convinced, he continued his efforts on this issue for a while, but he never got the answer he wanted. unclean, unhappy with this situation, his thoughts on the subject to his friends:
- They didn't let me open a factory. But God has expressed to me by saying "I hope there will be two meters in this country."
As he stated in this call, the Emir had bequeathed to be buried in the Sultan's cemetery. This uncle of the German uncle has surprised his friends.
sondermann spent the summer months at a hotel where he was a consultant. 1976 closed the eyes of the hotel where he stayed in the summer months, the order was buried on the fig side of the Sultan's cemetery.
Section 6
not live the German way
tombstones, cold names in which our names are written sequentially, as well as in a common world where no one comes to his own choice unfortunately can not be established by everyone; they can become monuments of friendship, brotherhood and peace. The life story of the German uncle, who has come from a different society and culture, is full of the warm friendships he has established in his business and social life and the sweet memories he shares with his friends. I think this life story is a lecture to people who cannot agree even though they speak the same language and have a common past.

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