SAMULAŞ XNUM Celebrates the 13th Anniversary

SAMULAŞ Celebrates Its 3rd Year: Samsun's light rail system celebrates the 3rd year of SAMULAŞ. Light rail system In the program held at Cumhuriyet Square station, rail system passengers were presented with cloves and pens. Flowers were given to the 47 millionth passenger using the rail system. Zarife Çankaya, a student at Ondokuz Mayıs University, stated that she has been using the tram since the first day and expressed that she is happy because she is the 47 millionth passenger. Sefer Arlı, Deputy Secretary General of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, stated in his speech that the light rail system reached a daily capacity of 62 thousand passengers. Noting that 47 million passengers were carried in three years, Arlı said, “This is an honor for us. We thank everyone who used this system. Thanks to public transportation, cheap, comfortable and environmentally friendly travel was provided. We thank everyone who supports this system. ” Arlı said that due to the frequent travel of passengers, they made 40 train auctions that were around 5 meters in length, and believed that the complaints would be minimized with the departure of the trains.

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