The Marmaray Adventure

The Marmaray adventure: The first day of Marmaray, the giant project connecting Europe and Asia with the railroad under the sea, has started its adventurous.
Electricity was cut off in the morning when CNN Turk was live. Due to a few-minute break, the passengers got off the tram and walked over the rails. During the day, there was intensity due to the fact that transitions were free. Unnecessary emergency buttons pressed, doors malfunctioned, voyages slipped.
On the first day of Marmaray, which was opened with a big ceremony by the state summit on 29 OCTOBER Republic Day, Istanbulites' intense interest continued. There were also CNN Turk team among the passengers of the expedition at 08.15. During the live broadcast, Marmaray's electricity was cut off and the train stopped. After the interruption, ”Flights canceled ler announcement was made. Then the doors of the train opened. Passengers reached the station on foot. After a short break the deduction has been fixed.
Sirkeci station could not be used on the first day of Marmaray which was working on Kazlıçeşme-Ayrılıkçeşme route. When Marmaray flights crossed Sirkeci, many people had to get off at Kazlıçeşme or Ayrılıkçeşme. In the announcements made, it was stated that trains would not stop at Sirkeci for a quality service.
During the lunch hours, the flights were stopped in Marmaray again. The authorities explained that this was due to excessive intensity and some of the children pushing the emergency button out of curiosity. The problem was fixed shortly.
The time stopped at 14.10 3 for the third time. Due to the door failure on the tram, the voyages could not be carried out for about half an hour. There was a discussion between the passengers and the passengers who reacted to the announcement of the engineer on the announcement of diğer Unload the Train Mak. The security guards stepped in.
Marmaray Üsküdar station after the incident, security guards prevented the entrance of the station. Addressing the news crews who continued their shooting, ler Emir came. No more shooting at the stations. İstasyon
Do not go-come if possible
The statement made by TCDD, the operator of MARMARAY, included the following information on the first day's failures:
Exceptional interest and passenger density are experienced in Marmaray. Train stops for the first time on the train pushed the arı emergency lar buttons. This situation causes disruptions in the timely departure of trains.
In the morning there was a short-term power outage, which did not hamper the voyages.
Since passenger density is higher than expected, there is no posture at Sirkeci station in order not to increase the density.
In Kazlıçeşme and Haydarpaşa Stations there are two locomotives and two emergency response vehicles of 9500.
Taking into account the intensity of our passengers, we are waiting for the passengers to use Marmaray to the extent that they do not go and come, if possible, to make room for other passengers.
Power outage on Parliament agenda
Deputy Chairman of the CHP Umut Oran, yesterday, some failures in connection with Marmaray Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a motion to ask questions.
Referring to the ongoing turnstile, escalator and exterior works at Sirkeci station, Marmaray reminded that Marmaray did not stop at this station. ANKARA
'Catenary' outage
In Marmaray, called ASRIN project, a power outage occurred yesterday. Passengers crossed the tube gate by descending the tram. Anel Group, the electrification company of the project before the opening of the statement made to Hurriyet Marmaray, despite the power cut will not be experienced in the heads of the interruption has created a question. Anel company said in a statement, the deduction is not due to them said:
“We undertook all the lighting work of the Marmaray project. The area where the problem was experienced was even allowing the movement of the train. This is called the catenary line. This line is the line where the train takes the electric current. This we did not another company. If we had interruption in the areas we provided electricity, it would have darkened and no one could walk in the tunnel. Eğer
Anel company mentioned the company that makes the Katener line is said to be the OHL company in Spain. The world-famous Spanish construction company OHL is over 10 years doing business in Turkey.
Metro also stopped 1 hours
KADIKÖY-Kartal Metro morning due to the signaling failure at the most intense hour stopped approximately 1 hours. When the expedition could not be made, additional IETT flights were activated on the line route. The breakdown at work, which was at the highest level of intensity, negatively affected traffic. At approximately 1 hours the signaling was restarted and the expeditions started.

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  1. Ohl has nothing to do with the catenary lines of the marmaray, which was opened on October 29, 2013.