Erdogan, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed line will be finished per year

Erdogan, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line will be finished by the year: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 5. The Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line will be completed by the beginning of the year.
Here are the highlights of Erdogan's speech:
-Cumhuriyet has dominated an understanding that divides capital into colors, does not classify and distinguish, but considers all sides of the economy together. To distinguish capital, to classify, to distinguish the likelihood of non-likable business people is definitely not a Republican understanding.
Everyone should know about the history of economy, foreign policy, political life, the period of establishment in democracy, especially the years of 1940 and their intervention periods.
- How is the republic of 76 is the republic of the million? The gains of the Republic are equal to the gains of 76 million. Every service made to our republic, every work put forward is not a certain group but the whole nation is proud of all of us.
-Ankara-Eskişehir We finished the Istanbul stage until the end of the year we finished.
-EU before I got a look at their members, privatization runner is Turkey. He doesn't study his own members. country carrying out the privatization is currently the most successful and our power in Turkey.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 19:14

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