Here's 3. airport

Here is the 3rd airport: European architects will draw Istanbul's 3rd Airport, which will have the world's largest passenger capacity when completed. Collaboration of 90 architectural offices under the leadership of Norway-based Nordic Office of Architecture, drawing of the 150rd Airport with a capacity of 3 million passengers, which will cost 4 billion liras. kazanwas. Stating that they will undertake the project themselves, the Founder and CEO of Nordic Office, architect Gudmund Stokke, explained the details on the company's website. Stokke, who also posted the hand-drawn sketch of the project on the site, explained the fine details on the paper with a photograph on the site. In the details of the project, it is noteworthy that the main terminal will have 3 different wings and the appearance of the spacecraft. It is stated that more than 80 planes can dock at the main terminal at the same time.


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