Here's 3. airport

Here is the 3rd airport: When completed, Istanbul's 3rd Airport, which will have the highest passenger capacity in the world, will be drawn by European architects. The collaboration of 90 architectural offices, led by Norway-based Nordic Office of Architecture, won the drawing of the 150rd Airport with a capacity of 3 million passengers, which will cost TL 4 billion. Stating that they will undertake the project themselves, architect Gudmund Stokke, Founder and CEO of Nordic Office, explained the details on the company's website. Stokke also posted the hand-drawn sketch of the project on the site and explained the fine details on the paper with a photograph on the site. In the project details, the main terminal will have 3 different wings and the spacecraft appearance draws attention. It is stated that more than 80 planes can approach the main terminal at the same time.




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