Special package proposal for Istanbul's traffic problem

A special package suggestion for the traffic problem of Istanbul: A traffic package was prepared for the solution of the traffic problem.
Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Logistics Applications and Research Center, 3. He made the call for the preparation of the Traffic Package for a comprehensive solution of the traffic problem while demonstrating that the bridge would not be enough to provide solutions alone.
Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Logistics Applications and Research Center, Bülent Tanla and Prof. Dr. Dr. According to the “Is there a solution to the third bridge traffic problem?“ Perception coordinated by Okan Tuna, the 68 of the Istanbulites answered ”Yes trafik and the 32 said atör No trafik. 39 people in the center of Istanbul, 1200 interview face to face interviews conducted in a percentage of men's 70, women's 66 's said that the bridge will solve the traffic problem. On the other hand, while the ratio of those who responded to'n Yes Yak in the European side of Istanbul on the construction of the third bridge was 69, it was seen that this rate was 67 on the Anatolian side.
3. Prof. Dr. Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Logistics Applications and Research Center, who stated that the construction of the bridge could be only part of the solution to the traffic in Istanbul. Dr. Okan Tuna stated that an integrated traffic package should be prepared for the solution and that all parties should be ready for sacrifice.
Professor About the function of the Danube bridge and its solution to the traffic problem ün 2014 covering 2018-10 years. 3 according to the Development Plan. The expectation is that the bridge is mostly used as a cargo way and in this way the railway has a serious share. 3. The bridge can be designed as a cargo corridor with the connection roads and the North Marmara motorway and the third airport. This line, any bureaucracy, without formalization, the customs and transit transactions can be made quickly. When these processes can be designed, the contribution of the bridge towards traffic will be concrete. E
On the other hand, referring to the pressure on urban traffic, Okan Tuna stated that there are at least one 18-20 product shipments to the grocery, market, buffet and other retail outlets in the city. When the stenosis is considered, it is seen that such movements constitute a significant traffic density. With the increase in e-commerce, we observe that small parts shipments have also increased. Currently, 26 of the cargo operations carried out within the scope of e-commerce is made in Istanbul. Naturally, this creates a traffic, Doğal he said.
In order to solve the traffic problem, first of all we should organize freight shipment in the sense of urban logistics. Tuna summed up the results of the work towards the solution:
1. More intensive use of railway and seaways: Although the Marmaray project is mostly passenger, freight train will also be operated. However, in a limited and planned manner, this transition will be made between 24:00 and 05:00 and there will be 21 train services, 21 arrival and 42 departure. This situation makes it necessary to bring other alternatives to the agenda in order to use the railroad in cargo transportation. In this direction, Tekirdağ - Bandırma and Tekirdağ - Derince ferry train services should be started and developed.
2. Road pricing: This system has been implemented in London since 2003, which allows the entry of certain areas in the city. In this way, the traffic congestion in London has been improved by 18 and the delays can be prevented by 30.
3. Night shipments: This system, which was successfully implemented in many cities such as Barcelona, ​​Dublin, prohibited day-to-day shipments within the city, and the traffic was greatly relieved.
4. Road and street classification: According to this, the entry of certain vehicles to roads and streets with certain characteristics may be considered. With this application, each loading vehicle will be prevented from entering each area and improvements in traffic density will be provided.

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