Overpass in the station area does not pass!

Passage in the station area does not cross: With the width of the overpass, it does not allow passage of any vehicle in an emergency. The passage, which makes the shopkeepers in the region completely dysfunctional, interferes with the passage of vehicles and interventions as they cover both sides of the street in a fire, accident and all other emergency situations. Neighborhood residents are afraid of a possible emergency in the region. Mustafa Terzioğlu, a resident of the neighborhood who said that the bridge was done without any research, said, kö No one gives importance to people. They now save the citizen in the houses over the bridge..
Terzioğlu said that an 150 settlement was destroyed with this passage. Ter The favorite region of the district of Torbalı, which is the symbol of our district, was sacrificed for İZBAN. We are not against İZBAN's coming. But this passage is a wise man? The bridge completely covers the area. Motorcycles are getting hard. We warn you from the beginning, but no listeners. This really reveals that human beings are not valued. They could have crossed the bridge underground. This image is the insensitivity of the AKP government and the county organization. This attitude of the Ministry is showing their sensitivity to their work. If they gave the necessary importance and warnings would not witness these images, '' he said.
Vedat Yıldız, another resident of the neighborhood who says that the fire brigade can not intervene from nowhere if there is a fire, said: en We did not want this region to be like this. If there's a fire, they'il be on the bridge and they'il intervene. None of these problems could be experienced. We are afraid that a patient will be suddenly disturbed by an emergency. The ambulance won't get in. They never think about the people. They're thinking about your own seats. He's surprised to see this disgrace. There is no such nonsensical arrangement anywhere in the country. Ül

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