New tram in Kony started test drive

New tram started to drive test drive in Konya: The first new tram, which is expected to arrive on 17 September, has come on the first day of Eid al-Adha, as required by the tender agreement signed on 2012 October 3. The new tram quickly began test drives. It is a matter of curiosity when other trams will arrive.
Konya's long-awaited way of observing the green-and-white-colored model 60 first tram from the first day of the tram came. The first new tram started its test drive. The new tram, which runs test drives at a time when the lines are empty, is expected to be put into service after the test runs are completed. The current trams, which have been used for nearly 22 years, will be completely renovated in March of the 2015 with the arrival of all trams.
Metropolitan Municipality on the new trams, the following statements were used: ih Konya Metropolitan Municipality by the last model 60 tram after the tender for the purchase of the first tram in the first day of the Feast of Sacrifice was brought to Konya. The new tram, which is currently undergoing trial tests, will be put into service after the test runs are completed. The other trams within the scope of the tender will be delivered in stages until 2015. The last model 60 tram taken by Konya Metropolitan Municipality is 100 low-based, air-conditioned and fully equipped.
According to the tender contract on October 17, 2012, the first tram was expected to arrive on September 3. However, the new trams expected to come forward did not come. Konya Metropolitan Municipality said that the first tram was delayed due to the flood disaster in the region. The delivery date of the new trams bought is getting longer. During the contract of the 17 new tram purchase auctions, the tender of which was made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality on 2012 October 60, Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek stated that the first tram will come after 183 days, in other words, on September 3. According to the contract signed with Shkoda company of the Czech Republic, which received the tender for 104 million 700 thousand TL, the first tram would arrive 6 months later, on September 3, 2013. However, only one tram arrived.
The new trams will cost around 1 million 706 a thousand euros per vehicle. Each trolley will have a capacity of 70, 231 and 287. 32,5 meter length, 2,55 meter width of the trolley driver and passenger sections will be all air conditioned. Together with other equipment, the new trams with a total of 104 million 700 thousand Euros are specially designed for Konya. Vehicles 5 year warranty, ie 5 year maintenance, repair, spare parts and consumables will be covered by the contractor firm. trams are coming to our city can not be produced in Turkey at the moment, 100 percent low-floor, unobstructed world and is considered as the latest models of vehicles.



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