Speed ​​Train ticket place inquiry

Error in the fast train ticket location inquiry from the internet: The fast train ticket location inquiry from the internet is giving an error. To get a fast train ticket from the Internet, the location queryers encounter the error screen.
According to the information obtained by the Electronic News Agency (e-ha) correspondent, on the ticket location confirmation screen from TCDD Official Internet site; “You can enter the station information you want to travel, by clicking the relevant field, typing the station name or selecting the station from the list. After selecting the station information, press the "LIST TRAINS" button. " The description is included.
However, when you want to question whether there is a seat on the train you want to buy the ticket for: "WARNING: An unexpected situation has occurred in the system, please check your last transactions menu." message is coming. It was stated that TCDD web management should intervene in the page that gives the same error in both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.
Has the authority of the citizen to see whether there is a High Speed ​​Train ticket on the internet was taken away? If there is such a thing, a different warning text should appear. "You are not authorized to learn fast train ticket vacancies from the internet." A statement like this should emerge so that the citizen decides whether the error is caused by himself or by the system.
We hereby announce to the TCDD web administration and authorities that this problem must be resolved.

Source : http://www.e-haberajansi.com

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  1. If you want to examine the new ticket system in the browser, you can browse by passenger.tcdd.gov.tr ​​in the Firefox browser.