Description of Prime Train from Prime Minister

Prime Minister Express Train description: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan "Konya, Karaman, Ulukisla, Mersin, Adana line to turn the line into a high-speed train line," he said.
Prime Minister Erdoğan addressed the representatives of civil society organizations, businessmen and city opinion leaders at the dinner given by the Governorship of Adana.
Providing information about high speed train activities, Erdogan said, “We built the Ankara-Konya high speed train line and put it into service. Now we rolled up the sleeves to turn Konya, Karaman, Ulukışla, Mersin, Adana line into a high speed train line. Some of the lines of this line were tendered, some of them are preparing their projects. Hopefully we will not leave this line in Adana. From here we will continue until Osmaniye, Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş. ”
Anatolian-Baghdad railway heritage, rail and in the absence of material, Erdogan stating that negligence is almost abandoned to decay, rail in sleeper also producing in Turkey, up to the limit the west of Adana said they renovate all of these ways. Stating that they have restored architectural works, stations, stations, which are located on the roads, each of them is in harmony with the original, Erdogan said, “Now we are making this double track road with 4 lines in the speed train standard. Adana, Yenice not only in the region are building one of Turkey's largest logistics centers. We are building the longest railway tunnel of our country between Bahçe-Nurdağı. Thus, we are connecting Çukurova and Mesopotamia by iron. ”

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