Bilecik Provincial Coordination Board Meeting spoke of high speed train

Bilecik Provincial Coordination Board meeting was talked about the fast train: Bilecik Provincial Coordination Board Meeting was held under the presidency of Halil İbrahim Akpınar.
At the meeting at the Provincial General Assembly Meeting Hall, Governor Akpınar stated that Bilecik is one of the provinces where the highest number of public investments are made with the projects carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Maritime Affairs, and said that Bilecik continues to develop in all aspects.
Stating that the investments made in Bilecik in the last 8-10 years are great, Governor Akpınar said:
“Investments made especially in the field of transportation, divided roads, high speed trains are investments beyond dreams. With the investments made by DSI, there was no place left to build a dam in Bilecik. All fields have been evaluated. Every place where the dam will be built is either built or built, under construction or under the scope of planning and planning. These works are mostly completed. Our forests are good. We don't have much except the fires we don't want. It improves every year. As with all of Turkey's forests it is growing in forests arrival in Bilecik. We are one of the rare countries that increase forest existence in the world. In addition to the afforestation campaigns, the widespread use of natural gas, the decrease in dependence on wood, the decrease in dependence on timber, and the supply of both firewood and timber from abroad as required have a great effect on this. On the way from Bilecik to the north, one's heart is relaxed, one passes through the forests. But after passing Bozüyük, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a forest. I hope it is in the form of steppe trees here slowly. If our forests do not burn as a result of the actions of our picnicians and careless citizens, those casualties will not happen. Sometimes thousands of acres of land disappear as a result of a very simple mistake. Our thousands of forests are leaving. The living creatures in it perish. I hope we get better. "
Investments in Bilecik
Explaining that 464 public investment projects were carried out in Bilecik this year by the investor institutions and organizations, Governor Akpınar completed his words as follows:
“Their total project value is 1 billion 795 million 567 thousand TL. In 2013, the total amount of allowance is estimated to be 145 million 82 thousand TL. Until the end of the period, 88 million 584 thousand of the appropriation was spent and an average of 61 percent was realized in cash. Public investments in our province are concentrated in transportation and education, other public services and agriculture. The transportation sector constitutes 39 percent of the total investment allowances, excluding the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project. The share of the education sector in investment allowances is 32 percent, the share of other public services sector is 21 percent, and the share of the agricultural sector is 5 percent. Health and energy sectors have a share of 3 percent. When the physical realization status of the projects is evaluated, the number of projects completed at the end of the period is 152, the number of ongoing projects is 134, the number of projects in the tender stage is 37, and the number of projects and sub-projects is 141.
Bilecik Şeyh Edebali Rector of the University Dr. Azmi Özcan stated that they are serviceable taxpayers and stated that they are trying to fulfill their responsibilities in the area of ​​their responsibilities.
In the meeting attended by district governors, regional and provincial directors of district investors, and mayors, the projects included in the investment program of 2013 were explained by the investor organizations.
After the meeting, the Governor Akpınar, met with governors and governors met.

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