Investments and Projects Planned to be Constructed in Niğde

The Investments Monitoring and Evaluation Meeting, which was organized in Niğde with the aim of monitoring the ongoing and ongoing public investments and other important projects, and determining the necessary points to be coordinated, was held in the meeting hall of the Special Provincial Administration under the chairmanship of our Governor Yılmaz Şimşek.

Rifat Özkan, Niğde Mayor, Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University Rector. Dr. Muhsin Kar, Deputy Governor Adnan Türkdamar, Ekrem Aylanç, Cemil Kılınç, Provincial Police Director Salim Cebeloğlu, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander İdris Tataroğlu, Provincial Special Administration Secretary Ali Nebol, AK Party Provincial Chairman Mahmut Peşin and President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Şevket Katırcıoğlu attended.

Mr. Yılmaz Şimşek mentioned that such meetings played a very important role in the coordination of the investments and projects made for the purpose of development and development of our city. We will hold consultations at the point of solution çözüm.

New Justice Palace, the new prison construction work, 3. OSB, Energy Specialized Zone, waste water treatment, 7000 Personality Stadium construction work, center sports hall construction, sports complex and athletic factory construction work, Niğde Boron Agriculture Based Specialized Organized Industrial Zone installation, potato promotion, Government building construction, Çamardı Government Building construction work, Bolkar Winter and Outdoor Sports Center, Kultur Khan Project, Ecemiş Water in Niğde drinking water, Farm Advanced Biological Treatment Plant, 400 State Hospital and 35 Mouth and Dental Health Center construction work, Ankara Niğde Motorway, High Speed ​​Train Studies, Andaval The meeting continued with the project presentations, which were topics such as the Logistics Center, level crossing projects, Aktaş village overpass construction work and overpasses planned to be made throughout the province.

The meeting ended with the evaluation of economic and social developments.

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