They offer home health care with the help of a primitive cable car

They provide home health care with the help of a primitive ropeway: In Rize, home healthcare services for an elderly woman went to her home for dental treatment, where she carried her materials with a ropeway without the vehicle being found.

The Rize Oral and Dental Health Center Home Care Service team went to the village for the treatment of 75-year Life Support in the village of Güneli in the Güneysu district. Due to the lack of a home vehicle, relatives of Aid said that they could carry the heavy equipment of the health teams with the primitive cable car they used to carry cargo in the village. The health care workers who carried their equipment to the patient's home with a cable car, managed to help him in the house that they reached by walking on the path. after the discharge of patients with advanced muscle patients in the home and dental health services are given to patients who need to be treated at home home. We provide services such as filler, canal treatment, detertrage, removable prosthesis, fixed prosthesis, tooth extraction under general anesthesia. In this context, we have reached 2013 patients in 128 so far. Treatment of 30 continues. Or
Nurse Türkan Berber, 37 is the nurse of the year, said that she thought it would be very difficult when assigned to home health care, said: The relatives of our patients directed us because our bag was heavy and it was difficult to get out. We were more comfortable with this method. There's a ropeway, but we can't always be lucky. There are so many places going and going. We are still proud and happy. In this unit, we are helping our patients with bedridden and transportation difficulties by going to their homes.

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