Exporters are starting the European Community

Exporters 'European BALL begins: The countdown has begun for the BALL Project, which will transport the exporters' goods to Europe. On Sunday, with the participation of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım, the first container of the BALO Project will be sent off to Europe from Manisa.

The Great Anatolian Logistics Organization (BALO) Project is being implemented to ensure that the cargo in Anatolia is transported to the inner parts of Europe by rail. According to the written statement made by TCDD General Directorate, the first container train of the BALO Project, which was established under the leadership of TOBB with a model in which chambers of commerce and industry, commodity exchanges and orgazine industrial zones are also common, will be sent off from Manisa. The ceremony, which is expected to be attended by Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım, TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and some deputies, will be held on Sunday, September 8th.


With the BALO Project, container loads of exporters in different cities of Anatolia will be taken from their gates and combined at local TCDD logistics centers and brought to Bandırma by block trains from here. The cargo will be transported from here to Tekirdağ by container ships and from here to Europe by scheduled block trains. Combined transport constitutes a good example of this model will be savings in both time and transportation costs, also will be delivered to their new destination in a similar manner to the loads coming to Turkey from European countries.


TCDD, which switched to block train operation in order to make railways more effective and efficient in freight transport, started to establish logistics centers and to manufacture wagons suitable for combined transportation, cooperated with the private sector for the connection of organized industrial zones to the main railway network, container, TIR box transportation, automobile made significant progress in the fields of transportation. With the block train application, which is the basis of the BALO Project, the connection of the connecting lines to the main railway network has increased the amount of freight transport and its income.

Annually 6 contingency line

Today, 135 blocks of freight trains are operated daily, 14 domestic and 149 international. In order to connect the production centers to the main railway network, an average of 6 connection lines are built in cooperation with the private sector, while 337 percent of the railway transportation is carried out on these lines, which reach 55.

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