High Voltage Warning from TCDD to Citizens

High Voltage Warning from TCDD to Citizens: 8 volts of electricity will be supplied to the railway electrification lines, which are completed, as of 27 March.

It has been reported that electricity will be supplied to the Başköy-Boğazköprü, Beydeğirmeni-Boğazköprü, Boğazköprü-Yeniçubuk railway line in Kayseri, which was completed, as of 8 March.

In the written statement made by TCDD 2nd Regional Directorate, it was stated that the electrification line of Başköy-Boğazköprü, Beydeğirmeni-Boğazköprü, Boğazköprü-Yeniçubuk railway will be supplied with 8 thousand 09.00 volts AC voltage starting from 27 March at 500.

The warning given by TCDD General Directorate is as follows;

“Completed Başköy [Included-Km136 + 897] -Boğazköprü [Included-Km171 + 813/364 + 990], Boğazköprü [Included-Km171 + 813/364 + 990] - Beydeğirmeni [Including-Km350 + 166] andBoğazköprü [Included- The railway electrification line between Km171 + 813/364 + 990] -Yençubuk [Include-Km474 + 906] will be supplied with a voltage of 08.03.2017 Volt AC starting from 09:00 on 27.500. Wandering under the electric train overhead lines, touching the poles, climbing, approaching the conductors and touching the falling wires are dangerous in terms of life and property safety and it is important to our people. "

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