High Speed ​​Train and Çatak Dam

High Speed ​​Train and Çatak Dam: Passing the high speed train line, the Çatak Dam construction is very good for the district. May Allah bless all those who contributed.

With the Berke dam, Düziçi learned a profession. The neighborhood has changed. Duzici people who learned a profession from Berke Dam and spread all over the country kazanThey made great contributions to the family and district economy by buying land, houses, flats, workplaces and construction machines from the district with the money they earned. Many of our citizens continue to contribute to the family and district economy by working as a foreman and subcontractor with the company they founded.

With the passing of the High Speed ​​​​Train line in Düziçi, the field owners will receive money many times over the land values. We have seen examples of this from those who have fields in the power plant area built in Aslantaş Dam and finally in Karagedik. They developed their economy by taking expropriation money over the value of their fields, by making different investments. kazanon top of three kazanThey got three.

If it is started to be built in Çatak Dam now, new workers will be trained, old workers may be more skilled, perhaps. kazanthey will cry. Many workers working outside the district will try to enter the Çatak Dam so that I can work in my own home.

With Çatak Dam, the district's water distribution network (Channels) will change. The old paddy roots will be canceled. The Çeltik Dam, built by Irahanlıoğlu in the 1940s and which I have been using for nearly 70 years, has added much to Düziç. Nobody can deny it. Who knows what the Çatak Dam will add to the district. It is claimed that 200-300 tons of vehicles will pass for Çatak Dam and the ring road will expand. It is claimed that a larger and larger irrigation channel will be built right next to the expanding ring road. If this is the case, the face of Düziçi will change, and the air will change as well.

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