Fast train to Malatya

The fast train is too slow for Malatya: CHP Deputy Chairman Ağbaba reacted to the announcement of the high-speed train as a good news for the future of 2023 in Malatya.
AKP deputies used the high-speed train as a show material for years, said Ağbaba. B It is regrettable that Malatya's politics makes a different statement about the same people. B
The high-speed train to Malatya is at 2023, the last destination. Formerly, the issue raised many times before, and the position of Malatya to use before the 2023 rapid terrain explaining that the CHP Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Veli Ağbaba, "AKP's Malatya, a new one has been added to the injustices," he said.
They couldn't get their ministers
Malatya-Elazig-Diyarbakir High Speed ​​Train Line project is expected to look forward to the districts of the Ağbaba, kayd the east of Sivas is requested to pass the fast train 3 3 total population of the province over the million. However, the Ministry of Transport in the first place of the high-speed train, not to these provinces, Sivas after Erzincan will be taken.
We have expressed our demands regarding the Malatya line, stating the inaccuracy of the election made immediately after this disclosure. However, at the point reached, the AKP deputies who could not convince their own ministers and refused once again confronted with a Malatya, c he said.
Malatya'nın defending the rights of some of the MPs against the statements made by some of the CHP deputy Ağbaba,, 2014 April in their statement in April, 'Our Minister of Transport in the meeting we have made as a delegation, this is said for the first time, in May, the project for the project of the high-speed train 2016 will be completed in 2017 in October.
Ağbaba stated that AKP was inconsistent with regard to the wagon repair factory. Ç In order to manufacture high-speed train sets in Sakarya, High Speed ​​Train Scissors Factory in Çankırı, Travers Factory in Sivas, rail fasteners were established in Erzincan.
While the investments for the railways were continuing, the Wagon Repair Factory, which was kept idle for many years in Malatya, was first wanted to be made prison, then it was dismantled and sold by the PA. On the one hand, while the factory is waiting idle, on the other hand, opening the factory by spending millions of pounds of the same quality is nothing but a waste of public resources,.



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