What if birds hit planes?

What if the birds hit the airplanes: Will the third airport be established in one of the major bird migration routes? Birds' route 2 will be observed throughout the year and necessary measures will be taken.

Environment and Urbanization Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar, 3 in Istanbul, where it is expected that the EIA report will remain on the migration route of birds. to prevent possible accidents at the airport 'bird observation radars, including the establishment of all necessary measures will be taken, he said.

2017 is planned to be completed in Istanbul and the first stage will be completed in 3. airport final EIA report of the project has revealed that on the important bird migration routes in the selected area of ​​Turkey to the airport, monitoring the possible accidents of 2 years of bird movements to prevent the report and had given place to regularly proposal to birds that they do not count.

MHP Kocaeli deputy Lütfü Türkkan asked whether this situation is known in the location of the airport and whether the recommendations in the EIA report will be taken into consideration.

National Parks will also review

Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar, in his reply to Türkkan, stated that the location selection for the project area was made by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, and that the Ministry carried out the works and operations related to the project in accordance with the EIA regulation. Bayraktar response, the birds will be made on the migration route 3. told about the work to be done in order to prevent flight safety and natural life damage at the airport.

Bayraktar stated that the EIA process related to the project was carried out not only with the participation of the units within the ministry but also with the participation of the relevant institutions and organizations. In this context, the Istanbul 3. Inspection Commission for the airport project, the General Directorate of Nature Conservancy and National Paraguay within the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, he said.

Birds have the biggest problem with planes

Birds flying in flocks are the nightmare of pilots… The history of aviation is full of examples such as a bird hitting the cockpit or entering the engine. In the past, a bird entered the engines of the plane, which hit the Himalaya Mountains and killed 191 people. Birds emerged from the engine of the plane that landed in the Hudson River in 2009.

Birds' flight route to be followed

Bayraktar stated that in the final EIA report for the project there is no study on the varieties and numbers of birds passing through the region, and the commitment to make bird counts during the construction and operation phase. Bayraktar emphasized that migratory and indigenous species and wintering species will be monitored for 2 years and migration routes and flight routes of birds will be determined in order to improve the recommendations of the measures. Bayraktar, "This report with the decision of the EIA before the construction of the expert team will be prepared by the investors," he said.

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