Sezgin: A project to improve the life quality of the Kozlu rail system in Zonguldak

Sezgin: Zonguldak Kozlu rail system is a project that will improve the quality of life: Zonguldak Chamber of City Planners Representative Yesari Sezgin, rail systems, Zonguldak and Kozlu pointed out that a project to improve the quality of life.

Provincial Representative Yesari Sezgin, the increase in the use of private vehicles in the city centers, the density of traffic caused the most, he said. Stating that rail systems will contribute positively, Sezgin said:

“Light rail systems are one of the most effective planning tools to solve the transportation problem in unplanned cities like us. The increase in the traffic density in the city centers is mostly due to the increase in the use of private vehicles. There is an intense demand to the main arteries of transportation, especially during the morning and evening work hours, and people lose a lot of time in their private vehicles, service vehicles and public transportation vehicles. Rail system Modern, fast, comfortable and safe to be preferred because of the solution to the problem of urban traffic will contribute positively. The rail system is a project that will improve the quality of life for Zonguldak and Kozlu. The rail systems will be tolerated aesthetically and give a positive and powerful image to our city. It will promote the use of public transportation with its modern image and thus contribute to traffic congestion and parking need positively. Transportation planning systems should be used together and in equilibrium and complement each other. Rail transport systems should be constructed on lines with high passenger capacity and this system should be integrated with the buses and fed. These systems, which work with electrical energy, will not cause an emission like fuel, and will also have positive effects in the environment as they will emit relatively less noise. Due to its positive contribution to the environment, the possibility of receiving grants for the project from various funds may also arise.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 19:01

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