Niğde High Speed ​​Train Project

Niğde High Speed ​​Train Project
Bor newspaper in Sabah newspaper, 'NIGDE, FAST TRAIN PROJECT WHY OFFER DISABLED?' the news has found great echo in the public. Projects recently in Turkey with a motion by Deputy Nascent Dawn moved to the Grand National Assembly agenda.

As our Niğdem was decommissioned in the High Speed ​​Train Project, İSMET ÜNVER, Editor-in-Chief of Sabah Newspaper in Bor, wrote an article and asked dış Why was Niğde Disabled in the High Speed ​​Train Project? Ni. This question attracted a lot of attention from the public in Niğde, with the exception of the authorities. Niğdeliler considered the project as a good news and initiative.

As Niğdeliler, the addition of Niğde to KAYSERİ, NEVŞEHİR, AKSARAY, KONYA and ANTALYA High Speed ​​Train Project is seen as an opportunity not to be missed. Niğdeli citizens are calling for AK Party Niğde Deputies, AK Party mayors, Provincial Assembly and municipal council members, AK Party chairman and managers. "Now Step NIĞDE, or the train will run fast," he says.

Citizens, bir Nigde, who did not evaluate the opportunities to date, this opportunity should now turn to the advantage, this situation should be considered as a future opportunity Niğde 100 should be considered “.


ISMET ÜNVER, Editor-in-Chief of Sabah Newspaper in Bor, on the subject; “Now, it seems to me to think of the words my Aksaray friends said years ago. Of my Aksaray friends sohbet In the past, we were proud when he said, 'Aksaraylı people raised SELVI, the people of Niğdel competed in service'. In recent years, service has been flowing to Aksaray and Niğde has been taking care of. Now, I seem to hear that the word I just said has been spoken for the Niğdelis in recent years. However, let's be one of those who are not pessimistic, now instead of singing the song "Black train will be delayed, maybe it will never come", "The train comes nice, the rooms are empty, the room is empty". Until the projects such as High Speed ​​Train, Airport, Ecemiş, Akkaya Dam are completed, we will continue to say on behalf of the commander.

Ak Parti politicians on the one hand 'high-speed railways networks will expand, we will make connections to existing lines,' he says, but the Central Anatolian region through the high-speed rail way to benefit Nigde why? Now, as Niğdeliler, we expect the government, the Ministry of Transport and the Turkish State Railways to consider the demand of Niğde's high-speed train project. Şimdi

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