Test drive on Marmaray starts 24 days later

Test drive on Marmaray starts 24 days later
The Century Project in Istanbul has come to an end. Test drives will start on August 2, Marmaray will officially open with the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Line on October 29… 1 million 200 thousand passengers will be transported daily in Marmaray…

PRIME MINISTER Tayyip Erdogan will celebrate the Republican 90'in 29 October 2013'da officially will be opened in Marmaray test drive 2 will begin in August.

13.6 km under ground and Bosphorus…

Gebze- whose work continuesHalkalı Improvement of Commuter Lines and Railway The Bosphorus Tube Crossing (Marmaray) Project consists of 13,6 km section from Ayrılıkçeşme to Kazlıçeşme;

It will open with the high-speed train…

Marmaray, known as cak The Project of the Century eş and with an annual history of 150, will be opened in 29 October 2013 at the same time with Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line. For the completion of Marmaray, the tunnels below the sea's 60 meters, the assembly of the rail lines and the concrete production of the stations are finished. 24 hours are being worked on for electromechanical installations of signal tiles and stations.

One thousand 387 mistress tube on the Bosphorus

Total 13 billion 558 billion 1.387 billion 63 billion 8 meter 68 meter tunnel (670 meter immersed tube), 9 mile suburban line, the third line addition, superstructure and electromechanical system renewal of the project 298 billion 539 billion XNUMX billion XNUMX billion XNUMX is expected to find a thousand liras.

The first train is in the tunnel on August 1…

The first Marmaray Train, 1 will be taken to the tunnels in August and 2 will be launched on August with test drives. Possible scenarios will be implemented against accidents in Marmaray after September. Marmaray, one direction per hour, 75 thousand, 1 million 200 thousand passengers per day is intended to be transported.

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