Anatolian Side, met to the subway

The construction of the first metro on the Anatolian side of Istanbul was opened with a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Kadikoy-Kartal metro, which has the capacity of carrying 1 million 266 thousand passengers a day, cost 3,1 billion TL.
Kadikoy-Kartal Metro, which was laid by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at 29 January 2005, reduces the number between Kadıköy and Kartal to 32 minutes. 30 million 40 thousand kilograms of rail were used for the laying of 16 thousand 48 meters of rails in the 572 station subway, built under the 5-350 meter of the ground. Even the total tunnel length in the even 44 mileage. 3,1 thousand 4 people worked for 850 months in the construction of the metron that cost about 45 billion pounds.
For a passenger from Kartal (Metro, Yenikapı-Hacıosman, Otogar-Bağcılar-İkitelli Lines), the journey times are as follows:
Kartal - Kadıköy: 32 minutes
Kartal - Uskudar: 35 minutes
Kartal - Yenikapı: 47 minutes
Kartal - Taksim: 55 minutes
Eagle - Bus Station: 66 minutes
Eagle - Hacıosman: 79 minutes
Eagle - Airport: 79 minutes
Eagle - Olympic Stadium: 89 minutes
Intelligent signaling-intelligent train concept: It is possible to reduce the train intervals to very short intervals when the passenger in Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line, where the signaling example from New York subway is applied, increases. In Kadikoy-Kartal subway line, one step ahead of him will be able to control and manage trains without the driver (without driver) by just clicking on the mouse on the computer's mouse.
Suitable for disabled access: In all stations and station entrances according to international standards, walking and warning tapes, holding bars and handicapped elevators are installed and access to the perona is provided. For the visually impaired, 9 provides a safe access from the station entrance to the perennial by making the XNUMX mileage walkway.
The net contribution of the savings to the economy through the realization of the line: 1 billion 152 million 498 thousand 064 dollars.
572 buses and a thousand 227 minibuses are scheduled to be withdrawn from traffic in the first year of commissioning.
If the metro had not been done, there would be 32 buses and 67 minibuses for each year.
Metro use will save 28 million liters fuel per year.
29 January 2005 - Groundbreaking ceremony attended by the Prime Minister
19 December 2005 - The first station in Kadıköy started excavations and the 40 shop at the quay was destroyed.
10 July 2009 - Inundation of tunnel in Soğanlık Station
5 November 2009 - The ground floor of the TBM, which was driven from the Eagle quarries, to the Kartal station.
15 July 2- Lowering of railcars to rails
30 May 2011 - The Prime Minister attended; rail assembly completed Kozyatağı-Soğanlık (Kartal) test drive
31 October 2011 - Final welding.
11 November 2011 - Kadikoy-Eagle test drive
17 August 2012 - Opening of the line

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