Gospel to the Istanbulites Beylikdüzü metrbüs line is being converted into metro

Beylikdüzü metrobus line of good news for Istanbul residents is converted to metro: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who participated in the opening of the underpass in Avcılar, said, "It is time to turn the metrobus into a metro, metro works are going to reach Beylikdüzü."

Kadir Topbaş, AK Party Istanbul Deputies Kadir Hakan Şükür, Tülay Kaynarca and AK Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Aziz Babuşcu attended the opening ceremony of the Reşitpaşa-Kuruçeşme underpass in Avcılar. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Topbaş said, “We made a metrobus line. Get in here KadıköyYou can go up to. It's so intense that it's time to turn the metrobus into a subway. We are currently doing metro projects. We are starting the metro works that will go to Beylikdüzü. It is the metro that will solve the main problem ”.

Touching on the coup in Egypt, Topbaş said, her Peace and tranquility in every part of the world. Especially in Egypt. Unfortunately, the people elected by vote, the military coup is dismissed as they can not say. They invaded their own countries and pulled the will of the people aside. I believe that deserves to prevail there. Pray to the oppressed people and all the people who suffer. Land

Following the speeches, Kadir Topbaş cut the ribbon with small children and opened the underpass to traffic.



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