The Installation of the Longest Ropeway Line in the World Is Made by Air

Uludag Cable Car
Uludag Cable Car

📩 01/03/2021 00:44

While the construction of the longest cable car line in the world, which will be taken by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to the Uludağ Hotels Area, is underway, while the poles in the forest are placed by helicopter. The helicopter coming from abroad will install the 18 poles in the forest for 3 days without harming the environment.

1963, which was opened and operated in 50 in Bursa, leaves the place of the old ropeway to the more modern cable car network. Bursa and Uludag transportation between the first choice of domestic and foreign tourists, the first half of the century-old ropeway line to be made more modern and comfortable work continues to be made. With the cable car, the line in Bursa will be the longest ropeway in the world.
The 4 bin 500 meter line will be extended to the 8 bin 500 meter, extending to the Hotel Zone. Within the framework of the new line, which is an important step for the evaluation of Uludağ during the 12 month, the stations were being constructed one by one and the poles started to be planted. Helicopters are rented from abroad for the erection of the poles, and operations are continued without damaging the nature. In the works that the team of approximately 35 people took part in, in the morning, direct sewing works started by helicopter. The ropeway parts, which are brought to the side of Teferrüç station, are carried by means of a helicopter one by one and mounted on their remaining places in the forest area.


The work of the helicopter was followed with interest by the citizens, placing the piece in minutes with the forest line. Some of the citizens of the helicopter with mobile phones attracted the helicopter while others were forced to stand because of the wind. Inspecting the work of the helicopter in place, the Mayor Recep Altepe said that the old ropeway had served 50 all year round and had now filled out his militia. Altepe noted that the ropeway, which has been working for half a century, has been renewed in modern conditions. Then the winter season and the new year until the hotel will be drawn to the other line. 29 There are approximately 24 poles and 3 stations on October. Currently, work is underway at all of our stations. Old stations were destroyed. They are replaced by new ones. Yer


Altepe said that the assembly work is continuing at full speed and continued as follows:
Zor These poles will be erected by helicopter as it is difficult to reach within the forest. We use this technique in the best way possible. Leitner will carry out this work in Bursa. Thanks to these helicopters, time is also saved. Our goal, together with all these works and technological opportunities, is to open the Sarıalan stage on this day. With this renewed system, our carrying capacity will increase by 12. Now Bursa will not be the problem of transportation to Uludag. Before, people were waiting here for hours. Now, every time you go to the cable car station, you will go directly to Uludağ. Citizens will reach the hotels by a journey of 22 minutes. X


Thanks to the new line, Altepe said that domestic and foreign tourists would prefer the hotels in Uludag. Tercih Tourists visiting Bursa will be able to choose the hotels in Uludağ for their stay. They will reach the hotels in a short time. It will become a more active region. We will complete this as soon as possible ız he said.


Cable Car Inc. Chairman Ilker Cumbul, stating that it would take the day 3 work, "24 in Bursa Teferrüç of Uludag Hotels Area cable car construction work of the first two parts, we decided to erect pole 18 the helicopter. So we didn't have to make way for the poles. We used the old ropeways for reinforced concrete works. Thus, we continue our works in a way that will cause minimum damage to nature. The helicopter carries a maximum load of 4,5 tons. Difficult and dangerous installation. He said, "May Allah bestow upon you without reward."
Cumbul, said he wrote the team led by a Swiss company for helicopter assembly, the Austrian and Italian technicians also found in 35 people were involved in the study, he added.

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