Yenimahalle Cable Car will be at the service of Ankara residents in 2014

4 Daily Care Break at Yenimahalle Şentepe Teleferik
4 Daily Care Break at Yenimahalle Şentepe Teleferik

The comfort and convenience of transport with the ropeway is an alternative to the car-lovers. Residents of Ankara will soon be able to start using comfortable LEITNER ropeways lifts instead of waiting for traffic jams. Together with the 2014, LEITNER ropeways will show the whole world how innovative and ambitious ropeway architecture can be revolutionized in city traffic.

Ankara-Yenimahalle cable car project, which is the biggest urban ropeway project in Eurasia, draws attention to the possibilities and advantages of using ropeway in metropolitan cities.

Turkey's capital, Ankara, with an unusual cable car line, one of Ankara's lifeblood Şentepe will connect the district to the Yenimahalle metro station. 10 units will be equipped with 2.400 passenger carrying capacity with 3.204 passenger carrying capacity. Since the ropeway line is on the main transport lines, traffic on the streets will be reduced and the environment will be maintained with less emissions.

The modern and attractive station buildings designed by Primavera Design will be one of the highlights of the facility. Buildings that will be illuminated by special LED lights at night will give the city a new look. For light effects poles, a design developed jointly with the sister company LEITWIND will be used.

Starting at 05: 00 in the morning and working at night until 23: 00, the system guarantees passengers an enchanting city view with heated seats at 60 meter height. Due to long hours of operation, 10-seated cabins will also be specially illuminated.

Cost efficiency and economic feasibility with LEITNER DirectDrive and LeitDrive

Special needs require innovative solutions. Noise emission is guaranteed with the exclusive LEITNER DirectDrive and LeitDrive driving system with LEITNER's special frequency converter. Thus, it is possible to operate the system economically and safely for 1 year 365 days.

This outstanding LEITNER ropeways project once again underlines the company's leadership position in urban transport projects. Similar projects are used in metropolises around the world with the assurance of LEITNER ropeways, its quality, modern technology, outstanding designs, durability and originality.

Günceleme: 04/07/2021 23:44

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  1. Congratulations. Great project.
    Çankaya area should also be considered
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