Şemdinlide stream was damaged over the garden link

As a result of the overflow of the stream, the village's vineyard, garden and bridge were damaged, and many poultry were caught in flood waters.

Alan stream passing through Hasruva (Xisrûva) hamlet of Kayalar (Qatûnê) village, 17 kilometers away from Şemdinli district of Hakkari, overflowed due to heavy rain. As a result of the overflow of the stream, many vineyards and bridges of the village were flooded, while many poultry were flooded. Muhacir Eren (25), one of the inhabitants of Hasruva hamlet, said that the vineyard-garden and gardens with many fruit trees were flooded due to excessive rain, and the bridge of the village was also damaged. Expressing that a lot of poultry was flooded due to the flooding of the stream, Eren said, “We are trying to evacuate the house until morning. Because if it goes like that, the brook water can also take our house. Last year, the road expansion of the village of Kayalar was made. "The water is getting closer to the area where our house and garden are located every day due to the soil and stone piles thrown into the stream after the works done." Eren asked the authorities to see their situation and find a solution.

Source: haberfx


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