Journey In Ankara Metro

Journey In Ankara Metro
While waiting for the subway, he is afraid to fall on those tracks, normally it is necessary to get off the edge platform and get on the middle platform. At the Kızılay station, there are no people who do the opposite, unfortunately, I see that we are a group of egoistic people.

I wonder if you read the book with you or the next one. I am very curious, what will happen when I learned. There is a lot of reading on the subway, this is pleasing.

I observe a wide variety of colorful passenger profiles, fun students, young people; I'm going to my youth, college years, everything, we didn't have to be anything so funny, so people are getting a little angry when they grow up, laughing and laughing at the laughs. ?

Metro usually goes underground in Ankara, but there are also places where it goes above ground, dark glasses act as a mirror, You watch your reflection while standing, sometimes I think of American movies, Action movies passing in the subway, 3 arrows pointing to the entrance doors at the waiting station where the subway will stop. I do not know how the machinist coincides, but the doors are opening right in front of those arrows….

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