Security measures increased in Ankara subways

Security measures have been increased in the metropolitan areas of Ankara: The Police General Directorate's 81 province for the 'warning letter' followed by the Ankara Security Directorate alarmed in the capital.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality also took extensive security measures at the entrances of Ankaray and metro lines. As early as yesterday morning, security guards at the Kizilay subway searched the bags and bags of citizens. Some citizens want to know the reason for the call, officials said, öğrenmek There is no panic. We were told to do a general check, so we do our duty. Genel Ankaray stations such as Kurtuluş, College and Dikimevi were searched, and it was learned that this application was still in the busy subway lines.

On the other hand, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality officials, security measures are always taken, the routine is a routine application, he said.

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