Local Tram Passes Silkworm European Tests

Turkey's first TRAM DOMESTIC SILKWORM successfully passed the test of European organizations accredited engineering. Noting that there is an obstacle for mass production of local tram Recep Altepe, Mayor Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's first ride in the TRAMVAY İPEKBÖCEĞİ ruzesından said that the first ride in Bursa.
With the support of Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar The domestic tram made by the machine reached the final stage in mass production. The silkworm tram was produced entirely with the design and skill of Turkish engineers. After the production of the first vehicle, the tram will start mass production and is preparing to climb the streets of Bursa. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will make the first ride of the silkworm, which has passed all tests from internationally accredited institutions in Europe.
President Recep Altepe visited the Regional Directorate of Ihlas News Agency Bursa, gave information about the latest developments. President Recep Altepe, said they received good news from the international accredited institutions for the local tram. 277 people standing and seated with full capacity, the tram has the opportunity to climb slope so it is fully loaded with xnumx'lik Noting that Turkey's icon Altepe, "We are happy to perform Indigenous tram production. Turkey, like all we're waiting with great excitement that. This will be the first brand in Turkey. The vehicles were manufactured in this regard. Tests are made at the factory where it is produced. He went through all kinds of mechanical tests. European accredited engineering organizations have approved all test results. These organizations, which in the world which type of vehicle produces what kind of vehicle gives their approval. We have passed this test. Biz
“These vehicles have been tested since the day they were built, araç said Altepe. Recent tests have also been approved. It's all over. Foreign experts will come again after about 1 weeks. He will test his own tests on real rails in Bursa. How he got on the track, how he got the corners was already tested in a virtual environment. These tools are being executed in the factory. All details were seen in the simulations. Now they're on the track. This is the simplest part of the business, Bu he said.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is planning to be in Bursa in the coming days, will do his first ride of Ipekböceği'nin Altepe, said:
. We conveyed this issue to our Prime Minister. Our prime minister told me that he will be driving when the vehicles are finished. It was already the same in the manufacturing process. At the end of the month of Ramadan, we renewed this promise. I reminded them of this issue at the meeting last month. He said the stadium would look in its final form when it came to the tram. Domestic vehicle production is important to us. When these tender processes are completed, we will see these vehicles on the streets of Bursa Bu.
Durmazlar The tram, which continues to be produced within the machine, is produced with 205 passenger capacity, 277 cabin steel case, 5 hinged flexible type, colored glass and flame protected composite coated air conditioner. The weight of the vehicle, which is normally loaded 4 tons, reaches 48 tons when loaded. Total 60 KW engine traction and 400 slope climbing performance of the vehicle, laser-equipped, LCD touch screen electronic control system is available. Electronic cards for the motorized traction system of the trams, which will be equipped with the latest technology in terms of comfort and safety equipment, are provided by Siemens.

Source: UAV

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