TCDD operation accidents report (Special Report)

TCDD operational accident report: TCDD decided to establish a committee consisting of faculty members outside the establishment to investigate the causes of train accidents that occurred as a result of rule violations.
In a written statement from TCDD Press and Public Relations Consultancy, it is reported that TCDD management has decided to investigate the recent violations of the rules in cooperation with universities.
”TCDD management started studies to investigate the results of the researches carried out within its own body and to undergo a scientific analysis. The management also negotiated with the non-governmental organizations related to the sector and decided to establish a board other than TCDD and cooperate with universities in order to evaluate the causes of accidents. ”
The statement included the following statements of SCD Karaman, General Manager of TCDD:
“As an organization, we take every precaution to prevent accidents. When the accident occurs, we are investigating meticulously on the causes. However, in the last month, we have frequently encountered rule violations such as non-compliance with red light. We also asked for this situation to be evaluated by a board consisting of faculty members other than ourselves. ”
While the statements made by TCDD are in this direction Rayhaber As TCDD accident report:

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