Light Rail System Forecast Between Tokat and Turhal

Private sector support is expected for light rail between Tokat-Turhal.
Zeyid Aslan AK Party Deputy Tokat, before the 2011 elections Tokat-Turhal highway between the light rail system work, but the 500 million-dollar figure, he said. In this sense, the state does not seem possible to do this with a figure of $ 500 million Aslan said, lık Can be done through a private sector? we thought. In England, we met with someone who had roots in Tokat. We presented such a project to them, but they expressed that they would not invest so much in the long term. One of my own personal dreams is to combine Tokat and Turhal with a light rail system. Because there is no chance to enlarge Tokat otherwise. However, it is possible by combining Tokat. But it turns out a very high cost. So if we're going to do it with state facilities, it's time. In the coming period, I hope that the actual merger will be ensured with a rail system extending from Tokat-Turhal to Zile. At this point, demand from the private sector may arise. But it does not appear in the short term with the state facilities Ama.

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Günceleme: 25/11/2018 16:26

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