Train Journey with Chinese Railways… (Special News)

Train Travel with Chinese Railways: The People's Republic of China is the country with the world's largest and busiest railway lines. Railways in the country have reached every city. This situation makes railways indispensable for China. China Railways offers a cheap, safe and comfortable transportation service across the country.
Extremely modern and fast, Chinese trains continue to travel all over the country. Rayhaber We have prepared a list of train lines and expeditions in China for you.
List of lines and expeditions in China railways:
Beijing - Shanghai Line
Beijing - Xian Line
Beijing - Badaling (Great Wall) Line
Beijing - Tianjin Line
Beijing - Guilin & Nanning Line
Beijing - Guangzhou (Canton) Line
Beijing - Hong Kong Line
Beijing - Ürümqi (Silk Road) Line
Line Beijing - Hanoi - Saigon (Vietnam)
Beijing - Lhasa (Tibet) Line
Guangzhou (Canton) - Hong Kong Line
Guangzhou (Canton) - Beijing Line
Guangzhou (Canton) - Lhasa (Tibet) Line
Shanghai - Xian Line
Shanghai - Beijing Line
Shanghai - Hong Kong Line
Shanghai - Guilin & Nanning Line
Shanghai - Lhasa (Tibet) Line
Xian - Beijing Line
Xian - Shanghai Line
Xian - Lhasa (Tibet) Line
Hong Kong - Beijing Line
Hong Kong - Shanghai Line
Hong Kong - Guangzhou Line
Hong Kong - Macau Line
Hong Kong - Hanoi (Vietnam) Line
China Railways International Lines:
Beijing-Ulan Bator & Moscow line (by Trans-Siberian Railways; Paris & London)
Beijing - Hanoi (Vietnam) train;
Beijing - Japan line (by Ferry)
Beijing - South Korea (by Ferry)
Beijing to North Korea train
Hong Kong - Hanoi (Vietnam) line
Nanning - Hanoi (Vietnam) train
Kunming - Hanoi (Vietnam) bus and train
By train from Lhasa - Kathmandu to Delhi

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